DEI-Thera’s Municipality Reaches an Agreement Of Cooperation

9349_1DEI S.A-Hellas(Hellenic Public Power Corporation S.A.), municipal authorities and Thera’s municipal residents faced an unprecedented and very complicated malfunction August 2013,caused by a fire that broke out on the island’s electricity production facility.

DEI S.A Hellas’ board of Directors decision in the Corporate social responsibility program of the company included initiatives and actions to boost Thera’s environmental, aesthetic and cultural development as a popular tourist  destination; a result of cooperation and mutual understanding with local authorities. Within this frame, DEI concluded a cooperation pact with Thera’s municipality in which DEI takes the responsibility of funding the infrastructure plans, as those were determined jointly with Thera’s municipality.”

With this announcement DEI shows the real determination to ameliorate Thera’s present electricity facility after the barrage of black outs that plagued the Island in August and avoid similar situations in the future. August is the period when the island of Santorini and Greek islands in general, are popular destinations attracting many tourists from all over the world. This provides a huge economical boost for local markets and businesses as August is the “heart” of the summer tourist period, but the recent incidents and black outs caused by generator malfunction, negatively influenced the image of the island and caused a decline in the island’s tourism.

Thera’s Mayor Anastasios Nickolaos Zorzos mentioned that DEI showed real social responsibility by signing this two part agreement which forces DEI to subsidize the infrastructure programs and help the local society by providing the best services.

Towards the same direction DEI’s managing director Arthuros Zervos stressed that “despite the direct response that DEI must efficiently handle the black outs, based on international practices, the disruption to the locals and especially in tourism is undeniable. The cooperation to avert such disruptions is proof of DEI’s long tradition of corporate social responsibility.”


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