Car Sales During the EU Crisis


    During the months of January to September, car sales reduced by 3.3 % as 44,013 vehicle registration certificates were compared to 45,538 of last year.

    In Europe, the sales of new cars rose by 5.5 % in September, mainly because there was a high rise in the UK market (12.1 %), and due to one additional working day in this year’s September.

    During these 9 months, sales in Europe were down by 4 % to 9.33 million new cars because of the weak demand in Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands, where the decline reached 29.4 %.

    The September data show that the demand is beginning to stabilize after having low levels for over 20 years. However, the car demand in the EU was the second lowest for September since 2003.

    Analysts expected to see if the decline in car sales occurred in August was temporary or an indication of further problems.

    The demand rose in September by double digits in Spain ( 28.5 %), Ireland ( 27.9 % ), and Portugal (15.9 %) as well.