Greece Prepares for Tough Negotiations with Troika

maximos mansionIn his meeting with the head of the Euro Working Group (EWG) Thomas Wieser, Prime Minister of Greece Antonis Samaras, while discussing the time limit during which important decisions will be taken concerning the budget gap of the Greek program and the new reducing of the debt, also had the chance to understand the prevailing opinions in the heart of the Eurogroup,

According to the existing timetable of which the Greek government has been informed, the decisions are expected to be taken in mid-spring of 2014, when Eurostat will validate the primary surplus of the current year.
The prerequisites were also discussed, which have to proceed as soon as possible so that the EWG will give the green light for the one billion dose that is pending since last July.

Regarding the budget gap, the Finance Minister Giannis Stournaras in his statements, stressed that there are various scenarios and that the scene will become more clear in the end of the year. As far as the transfer of the debt is concerned, he said that everything is being discussed.

At the same time, many ministers and New Democracy MPs support that the Greek government should be particularly tough in its negotiations with troika when the last comes back in Athens.

The statement of  Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis is essential. He said to SKAI channel, that if troika asks the government to implement new horizontal measures, then the Greek people will decide through elections.