Innovative Eco-tourism Strategies in Prespa Lake


    The meetings of the international conference on the “innovative eco-tourism strategies in Prespa lake-New Dimensions of Development” concluded with the signing of a cooperation platform and the decision to establish a pilot tour package that will provide an acquaintance of the area around Prespa to destinations of both Greece and Albania.

    The conference was held in the conference venue of Puli, Prespa, from the 5th to 7th of October, 2013. The framework of the European project of cross-border cooperation, was introduced to the “Greece-Albania IPA 2007-2013” project.

    The collaboration will start with the creation of the first tourist package that promotes the region as a common destination.

    Everybody stressed that the cooperation is the best way to develop tourism activities in the area and that there should be new actions created that will benefit both sides.

    The tour operators have expressed their intentions, as competent, to create and promote the tourist package for the region.

    After the conference, the cooperation continues locally, and always in the same direction, involving businessmen and residents through social marketing.