Greek Civil Servants Lack Basic Computer Skills

imagesA significant number of the total of 607,516 Greek civil servants, are considered to have either low qualifications or lacking basic knowledge in computers. Almost half of them do not have a university certificate, while those who have postgraduate qualifications or a PhD are a minority. This is something that Greek Administrative Reform Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis is trying to change. The agreement with troika is moving in a direction that gives him the opportunity to hire 15,000 civil workers, instead of those that will be suspended by the end of 2014, when the new memorandum is imposed.

The Greek Administrative Reform Minister has already stated on Greek TV channel “SKAI,” that he will focus in hiring qualified staff in the sectors of Health and Finance. “The new recruitment on the public sector will be made with caution. The criteria will be based on central control and planning. Also, the new civil workers must have high qualifications, something that cannot be achieved through the mobility scheme program.”

The majority of the Greek civil servants lack basic computer skills. Approximately 6 out of 10 say they cannot use the computer for word processing, or even browsing on the web. It is astonishing that only 35. 3% of them can send a simple e-mail.

In addition, Greek Administrative Reform Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, according to an article published in the Wall street Journal, made clear that he would not tolerate any misdemeanor by any civil servant; he reassured that the unfaithful ones will be penalized in order to avoid mistakes of the past. This article was in response to a relevant news report of the Wall street Journal, which mentioned that there is a delay in penalizing unfaithful civil servants.


  1. They lack only computer skills??? These Greek Public Servants do not have a clue at what they should do…Once I was told by an IKA female servants that I cannot issue a certificate with the issue date of my IKA registration number when I went to another IKA office in another area and asked them for this certificate and to my surprise the certificate was issued in less than few seconds. Later that day, I went back with the certificate to the previous IKA office to show that woman IKA servant that I issued the certificate and afte all that I swore at her and left after I insulted the supervisor of that IKA office too…These Public servants are the once who bankrupt this country by the high wages and the hundreds of benefits they get from us without knowing what they should do…They are only good at striking but not good at working…

  2. That’s Greek education for you. Here in America kindergarteners have 1 hour of computer class daily.

  3. This is a disgrace. They are not qualified to work at the jobs they currently performing (or not performing for that matter) but they do go to endless strikes and demand 30 days of holidays a year and high pension after retirement for a job that they should never have in the first place. This is exactly why Greece is in this mess, and it will not going to change until the country gets rid of most of these public workers. The only reason that they got a job in the first place is because the current two parties (PASOK and New Democracy) that are in politics open the gates for hundreds of new government employees in exchange for a vote. This is a corrupted system to its roots that will take years to fix.

    Just more corruption from this Gov’t of Dictators — RISE UP PEOPLE!

    Time to kick them ALL of PASOK and ND out of Parliament for good!

  5. Greek schools now also teach the kids computer skills. My neighbors kids (Greeks) know more about computers than I do (LOL) so don’t be too hard on all the Greek schools, but lately, many Greek public schools learn computers too, albeit not with the best equipment.

  6. Our government ended up with so many stupid laws protecting incompetent workers in large part because its next to impossible to fire someone due to far leftist unions. (see KKE founded PAME).

    Nearly every day far leftist extremists strike/riot for sundry unreasonable demands. They not only have lawlessly taken over our streets but sometimes even engage in violence (legitimate protest does not involve interrupting someone’s elses business).

    The sad truth is the biggest corruption of all is not to be found in our government. Its to be found in the masses of Greeks that shameless demand government handouts. Rather than put their energy towards their own productivity they are too busy pointing fingers at our government or the rich to fix their own problems.


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