Guns Found in Pallis War Museum


    According to Kathimerini newspaper, Greek police conducted a search in a private war museum in Vari, Athens, which is registered in the name of the fugitive businessman Anastasios Pallis. During the search, the police found dozens of containers.

    In a statement in Kathimerini newspaper, a police official that the guns checked up until now were “inactive,” However, there are more weapons to be examined. Police had made a search in the same “war museum” last April, finding many illegal arms.

    So far, police have found six military aircraft and tanks, military vehicles and motorcycles from WWI in the Pallis war museum. The weapons were found in leaked containers on the premises of the museum.

    Retired British army officer, Edward Pringle-Stacey, who had worked with Pallis told the Greek authorities that the businessman had 4,000 weapons in his possession, possibly connected with Golden Dawn. After receiving this information, police are also making an investigation about whether Pallis was connected in any way with the Golden Dawn organization.