EU Assistance to Identify 4-year-old Girl Found in Greek Roma Camp

    greece-mystery-girl-2-630x420The case of the 4-year old girl found in a Roma camp in Larissa, Greece, is now a major issue for Greek police. Greek police are now trying to find the four-year old girl’s identity and if the couple who alleges to be her parents are connected to child trafficking.

    Greek police also spotted drugs and unregistered firearms in the Roma camp in Farsala, Greece.

    DNA tests revealed that the four year old girl, is not the biological child of the Roma couple, and is now in the hands of the Greek child organization “A child’s smile.” The Prosecutor of Larissa removed the child from the custody of the couple who claimed to be her parents, and they have since been arrested and charged with abducting a minor.

    The Greek police investigation is being continued by the Police Department of Larissa with the participation of other European and international police services.

    Emergency signals have been sent to Interpol in cooperation with the Balkan countries, in order to expand the searchand the investigation is expected to help the Greek police find the little 4-year old girl’s biological parents.

    According to the lawyer of the Roma couple, 4-year-old Maria, came into their hands because her foreign biological mother did not have the means to raise her, and was seeking a way to give her up for adoption. In an interview with Skai, the couple’s lawyer said the Roma woman who initially claimed to be her mother, decided to raise the little girl because she took pity on her.

    It seems likely that the the illegal adoption was held through a third person, who is also a main target of the investigation.


    1. My heart breaks for ‘maria’ she is 4 years old and has been taken from the only family she knows. Poor baby will be frightened and confused. Prayers being sent her way. Xx

    2. if she had been kidnapped or abducted, your heart should be breaking for the distraught parents who have been deprived of their child , not to mention the fact that they suffered much heartache the past 4 years…also it is a known fact that the Roma people exploit their kids, forcing them to panhandle …instead of going to school… In Maria’s case, her ”parents” had 14 kids ( 10 unaccounted for) and were collecting child benefits for each of these kids ..a total of 2800 euros a month…therefore defrauding the Greek government….
      it has been established that the 40-year old woman has two (2) valid
      Police Identity Cards that bear different data. She has, at the same
      time, two (2) different family registers / files, one at the
      Municipality of Larissa, where she has been registered as the mother of
      five (5) girls and of one (1) boy, and another one at the Municipality
      of Trikala, where she has been registered as the mother of four (4)

      It is to be emphasized that according to the above mentioned family
      registers, the 40-year old woman appears that in a 5-month time-period,
      from June till November 1993, had given birth to three (3) children,
      while in 3 ½ months, from October 1994 till February 1995, to three (3)
      more children. The 39-year old man has also a third family register at
      the Municipality of Farsala, where he is registered as the father of
      four (4) more children.