Samaras’ Initiative Regarding Illegal Migration


    Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras is trying to handle the issue of illegal immigration, since Greece is going to undertake the EU Presidency in January, 2014.

    In particular, Samaras is planned to visit Malta and Italy on the 21st of October, where he is going to meet his counterparts in order to discuss if the countries of Southern Europe, can create a common and clear policy regarding the serious problem of illegal immigration.

    Samaras will travel to Malta and Italy, along with Nikos Dendias, who is the current Greek Minister of Citizen Protection.

    Moreover, Samaras and the Italian Prime Minister, Enrico Letta will discuss the political negotiations between Troika and Greece.


    1. Unfortunately some Greeks have treasonously supported massive illegal immigration these last few years (mostly leftists but not exclusively so). They exploit words like “fascism” or “racism”, every time we try to do anything about illegal immigration for cheap political points at the expense of the security of our homeland. (mass illegal immigration was one of the factors that lead to the rise of extremists like Golden Dawn)

      Our fifth column are easily manipulated simpletons that parrot foreign funded organizations like UK based Amnesty International and the Guardian that frame their political views as “human rights”. (same sorts that now look the other way as the Skopians threaten our country)

      The UK deports illegals, prosecutes employers that hire illegals, and imprison human traffickers despite having far less illegals per capita then Greece. Neither Amnesty International nor editorial board of the Guardian frame PM David Cameron as a fascist or racist. The very fact they try to do so to any Greek that opposes illegal immigration is just more evidence of very real prejudice towards Greeks by these organizations.

    2. Your hero Antonis Samaras announces his plans to give illegal immigrants and their children the right to vote in Greek elections. He means to erase Greece once and for all. ONLY Golden Dawn stands in the way of this puppet of international Jewry. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless XA and give XA the strength and perseverance required to secure the existence of the Hellenic people and to irrevocably set in motion the development of a Pan-European Golden Dawn that will mete out justice to the Judeo-Khazar seed of Satan.

      “Ο Σαμαράς δίνει ψήφο στους λαθρομετανάστες”

    3. Guest, you are talking about the UK, a country with laws and a government that function…Greece doesn’t have anything that function even laws are not implemented so pls don’t compare the UK which is a developed country with Greece which is under developed country…

    4. You’ve missed the irony that while you go on and on about Jews like an obsessed Nazi, you pray to Jesus Christ… a Jew! Why don’t you believe in Greek gods if you claim to be a Greek patriot? Ancient Greeks did not believe in christianity. They believed in Zeus. Christianity was forced on Greece like it was forced on much of Europe by the Latin Roman empire.

      You have also confused Samaras with Tsipiras. Samaras is trying to fight illegal immigration but its hard to do so when a fair chunk of our population are gullible far leftist imbeciles that rant fascism every time we try to deal with illegals. Unfortunately some in Golden Dawn are also imbeciles that play up to the fascist stereotype which only further complicates matters. Many of our treasonous leftist imbeciles attempt to associate Samaras with Golden Dawn for cheap political points because they are against necessary government spending cuts.

      The funny thing is while Pasok and ND have grown up and realized they have to balance budget both Golden Dawn (former ND voters) and Syriza (former Pasok votes) agree we should continue spending. They have learned absolutely nothing from our mess of government debt. Both our communists and fascists are a curse on Greece. Still shamelessly demanding handouts.

    5. Greece is indeed underdeveloped but the reason for this isn’t its really our government. Only fools believe an economy is built by a a politicians. The bulk of an economy is created by the individual effort of its population.

      The problem at the moment is a significant portion of the Greek population have learned to become shameless letches Instead of trying to improve Greece’s economy though hard work and intellect, huge numbers of Greeks are sticking out their hands like panhandlers. Rant and ranting about the government is a Greek national pastime. Rather than think how they themselves can create work for themselves or someone else, too many blame our government for every ill. Its pathetic.

    6. For 22,000 Pounds + the British government stripped and jailed the labor MP David Chaytor for 18 month including other MPs…Here in Greece only 1 person was charged while our 300 pigs are still roaming free…British and European MP’s are not immune from prosecution except our corrupt Greek politicians who looted the country’s wealth and still in office…Here in Greece, laws are only in paper but are only implemented if and when they are at risk of losing their hot seats…

    7. Problem is if we jailed every corrupt politician and public servant in Greece add everyone who didn’t pay tax we would have more people in jail than out corruption is a national pastime Iam reminded of the saying TA FAGAME MAZI

    8. Entirely correct. Forget the blind and brainwashed. From your mouth to God’s ear, go Golden Dawn, DOWN WITH THE ZIO-TRAITOR TYRANTS!
      Hang Samaras and our zio-scum politicos and “journalists”!