Two Polls Show New Democracy and Syriza in the Lead

vouliAccording to Metrisis poll, carried out on behalf of the newspaper Parapolitika, ND is the leading party, while the popularity of Golden Dawn is spiraling downhill.

ND leads by 1.2% over the main opposition party Syriza. In terms of voting in specific, ND stands at 21.9%, while Syriza is at 20.7%.

According to the results of the poll, the extreme-right party Golden Dawn comes third with 5.7%, which is a rather declined percentage in relevance with previous polls. PASOK and the Communist Party (KKE) are following with same percentages (5.1%). Independent Greeks (ANEL) stand at 4.7%, while Democratic Left (DIMAR) stands at 1.9%.

76.7% of Greeks estimate that the country is heading in the wrong direction, and only 15.8% of Greeks believe it is moving towards improvement.

49.5% of the Greek voters believe that the Bipartisan Government should complete its term in office, while 41.9% of the voters disagree.

However, the Pulse RC poll, conducted on behalf of the Editors Journal, shows that Syriza is leading by a unit over ND and that DIMAR struggles to enter into the Parliament.

According to the poll, Syriza stands at 24.5%. ND is following with 23.5%. Golden Dawn is in third at 10.5%. PASOK stands at 7.5%, the Communist Party at 6%, ANEL at 5% and DIMAR at 3.5%.