Greece and Europe Shaken by Cases of Missing Children

The stories of lost children that shook Greece and EuropeThe disturbing case of four-year old Maria, who was found in a Roma camp in Larissa, brought memories of stories that have shocked all of Europe.

Madeleine McCann, Ben Nidam and Alex Meschisvilli, are just some of the children whose cases are not yet permanently closed.

Little Ben, disappeared at the age of 21 months in 1991, while he was with his parents in Kos. Since then, 22 years later, no one has been able to discover the whereabouts of the child.

However, the publication of Maria’s adventure, might have changed the facts for Ben, who is now 24-year-old. According to the Sunday Mirror, his mother, Carrie Nidam reports: “We always believed that Ben was kidnapped by Romas. The Greek police was telling us that Romas don’t steal children. Now, we know that they do.” In fact, in 1996, there was a testimony by a Greek, Antonis Betzios, who was seeking his own son in the gypsy camp in Veria. He saw a boy who looked like Ben and when he asked one of the Roma chiefs, for the child, he answered: “We took him from Kos.” Now, all the cases of lost children are open again and Ben Nidam’s parents rely on that.

The eleven-year-old Alex from Veria disappeared in 2006, and two children, then, aged eleven and thirteen years old, may be still be convicted. Young Alex’s body has yet to be found

The story of Madeleine is perhaps most similar to that of the four-year old Maria. Madeleine at the age of three, disappeared from the room of the hotel Praia da Luz, in Portugal, where she was on holidays with her parents. Madeleine’s parents and the British police continue the investigations. During the last days, new evidence has come up about a man who was seen near McCans’ room. According to eyewitnesses, he was holding the little girl and was heading to the sea.


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