Little Blonde Mystery Girl Maria Found in Greece: Latest Updates

Maria is the little blond mystery girl found at a Roma Camp in Greece

[latest update: 10/25/2013] The little blonde mystery girl was found at a Roma Camp in Farsala, Greece on October 16th during a random police investigation.

What we know until now:

  • Maria is not the biological child of the Roma couple she was living with.
  • The Roma couple has been arrested and charged with the crime of abducting of a minor.
  • The little angel is now under the care of experts at the Greek NGO “The smile of the Child”
  • A Greek couple has requested DNA tests believing that Maria could be their child.
  • A Relative of the arrested Roma couple claimed that Maria was sold to them by her biological mother.
  • The Roma couple says the pair adopted the child from her biological mother with permission. 
  • The girl is not four years-old as initially reported but older: dental exam shows.
  • Police released names and photos of the Roma coupe.
  • A comparison of the girl’s profile against Interpol’s global DNA database has not produced a match
  • DNA tests reveals the biological parents of Maria 

According to the official Police announcement, during an operation in the ROMA camp in Farsala and during the lawful search in the house of two natives, a 39-year old man and a 40-year old woman, the police officers found out that a young girl of about 5 to 6 years old stayed with them.

The girl has white skin (fair complexion), blond hair and green eyes, features totally different from those of her alleged parents.

The two ROMA natives were taken to the Security Sub-directorate of Larissa and during their questioning by the competent police officers, they changed repeatedly their story about how they got the child; a fact that strengthened the conviction of the officers that the little girl was not the child of the above mentioned individuals.

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DNA testing showed that there was not any genetic compatibility of heredity between the girl’s DNA data and those of the 39-year old man and the 40-year old woman.

In the progress of the investigations it emerged that the two ROMA natives in 2009, have taken the girl away from her biological parents under unknown till now circumstances. They have also managed to snatch from the Birth Registry of the Municipality of Athens the girl’s birth and christening certificate.

Three babies in five months

Moreover, it has been established that the 40-year old woman has two (2) valid Police Identity Cards that bear different data. She has, at the same time, two (2) different family registers / files, one at the Municipality of Larissa, where she has been registered as the mother of five (5) girls and of one (1) boy, and another one at the Municipality of Trikala, where she has been registered as the mother of four (4) girls.

It is to be emphasized that according to the above mentioned family registers, the 40-year old woman appears that in a 5-month time-period, from June till November 1993, had given birth to three (3) children, while in 3 ½ months, from October 1994 till February 1995, to three (3) more children. The 39-year old man has also a third family register at the Municipality of Farsala, where he is registered as the father of four (4) more children.

The two ROMA natives have managed to acquire a tax registration number under the personal data of the under-age girl.

The two ROMA in question have been arrested and a legal file was opened against them; it includes the crime of the abduction of a minor and the consecutive crime of the fraudulent misappropriation of a false certificate.

The Bulgarian mother scenario

A Relative of the arrested couple talking exclusively to the Greek TV show “Light in the Tunnel” and investigative journalist Angeliki Nikolouli claimed that Maria was sold to the Roma couple when she was just a few days-old by her biological mother, a Bulgarian woman living at the Sofades village in Northern Greece.

Couple from Thessaloniki Claiming Maria

A couple who lost their child at birth in 2009 has requested DNA tests believing that Maria might be their lost child. Doctors at a Thessaloniki hospital told them that their baby died at birth but when they asked for evidence they found out that the coffin’s baby was empty. Authorities are investigating the claim but the DNA results are not known yet.

Watch a video that was given to the Greek media showing 1-year-old Maria dancing:


Maria stays with ‘The Smile of the Child’

A psychologist from the General Police Division of Thessaly region has offered psychological support to the under-age girl. Moreover, by order of the competent Magistrates Court Prosecutorial Authorities, following a request submitted by the Security Sub-directorate of Larissa, the custody of the little girl was temporarily deprived from the two Roma and the girl was taken to the “SMILE OF THE CHILD” Association on 17/10/2013.

Anyone who may know anything about this case, is kindly requested to call the phone numbers +1 2410-683171 and +1 2410-683184 / 5 of the Security Sub-division of Larissa or contact


  1. If the legal mother did in fact sell her at birth then she is probably not the ideal parent for this child. She might be better off with the Roma couple.


    Roma gangs have been accused of
    trafficking hundreds of children to and from countries including Britain
    to mug and steal as part of an ‘international criminal network’.

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    of the sinister ‘family’ network emerged during an appeal last year in
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    Romanian national.

    was found guilty alongside Palos Constantine, a compatriot also aged
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    men were based with their ‘extended clan’ at an illegal Roma campsite
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    The Tribunal
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    conversations reveals that children were ‘selected by hand’, with
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    Romanian in the gang said he had 11 children working for him
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    whole operation.

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  4. We live in a Bourdello kratos…A country with laws written on papers and a justice system which does not function…A country governed by a bunch of corrupt politicians their only interest is the hot seat and not the country and its citizens…Moreover, 502 children are missing since birth with the knowledge of the Greek government with no action from the authorities side…

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