The Palace of Circe Found in Preveza?

    preveza_main-350After four years of research, Mr Tzimas explains to us why he believes that he has discovered the Palace of Circe. Mr Tzimas is the 22-year-old man who found the Palace of Circe. He comes from Loutsa, a region in Preveza. His discovery is maybe one of the most important not only for the region of Preveza, but also for the Greece.

    Mr Tzimas began research at the age of 18, and now he is sure that he has found the Palace of Circe, where Odysseus started his journey to the Necromanteion of Aheronta. In his interview to the he asks help from the public services.

    His biggest discovery was a picture where the rocks are in the shape of a woman. He has also recorded the rough and isolated place in addition to a desecrated grave among other ancient objects.


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