Birth Registrations Under the Microscope

    -birth_certificate-2011-4-27After the case of “Maria,” the 4-year-old girl who was discovered living with alleged abductors at a Roma camp, the prosecutor ordered an immediate investigation into birth certificates issued in the past six years.

    Efterpi Koutzamani, the Supreme Court prosecutor ordered today, the investigation on birth certificates issued after January 1, 2008. In this way, they will discover if families had declared births in multiple administrative regions.

    Already, Maria’s parents are in jail accused of abduction and document fraud. According to doctors, Maria aged 5 or 6 years was taken into protective care last week because DNA tests confirmed that the couple were not her natural parents.

    At the same time, the City of Athens is making an investigation into the actions of four employees at the registry office where Maria’s birth certificate was issued.

    The preliminary inspection revealed that the number of the issued post-dated birth certificates has shot up from 50 in 2011, to almost 200 in 2012, and around 400 for 2013.


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