3600 Bank Employees Losing their Jobs

trapezes111_592_355By the end of 2013, 3600 bank employees will leave Greek Banks with voluntary exit programs.

In the new year, 3600 bank employees will be suspended and forced to search for a new job. The reason behind these suspensions is the cut in wages that banks have decided to make. In order to realize these cuts, Greek Banks have already processed voluntary exit programs, reveals Naftemporiki.

In fact, these programs will start tomorrow from Eurobank, as the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund will examine the voluntary exit program of approximately 700 employees.

In November, National Bank of Greece hopes that the voluntary exit program incorporating 2000 employees will be approved.

A similar program is being processed by both Alpha Bank and Attica Bank. It is estimated that this voluntary exit program will incorporate 800 employees of Alpha Bank and 100 of Attica Bank.

We must underline, that 2,182 employees of Piraeus Bank and 615 of Hellenic Post Bank have already been incorporated in similar voluntary exit programs.


  1. then what? where are you going to get the money for the government to function. Egypt, Libya, Tunisia. They all had revolutions and look at them now.
    Tourism is 16% of Greece’s GDP You have a revolution you are going to kill your tourism then what?.

  2. “revolution” is the cry of fanatics.

    The solution to Greece’s economic problems is hard work and innovation.

  3. Angela, you are a voice of reason. But, remember that cooler heads lead Greece, not the masses. The leaders of ND, especially Mr. Samaras who has lived in the USA, is the solution to keep Greece afloat. The Troika is the last remaining lifeline in keeping Greece from being taken off the respirator. I believe Samaras will be in power for at least another decade and that is good for Greece. Future generations of Greeks will wonder why it wasn’t done sooner.


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