Historic Member of PASOK, Antonis Karras, Dies

karrasAntonis Karras, a historic and founding member of PASOK, passed away after a brief hospitalization on Tuesday.
Karras was an emblematic personality who claimed no share in power.

Antonis Karras was a close friend of Andreas Papandreou, Melina Mercouri and Kostas Laliotis. He was a parliamentary candidate in the first administrative district of Athens, and was briefly appointed as second in command in IKA. Ideologically, Antonis Karras was an internationalist and supported the Kurdish movement.

In December 2008, Antonis Karras was at the forefront of protesters after the murder of the 15-year old Alexis Grigoropoulos. The photograph of his bloody hand holding a red envelope with background shields of the police, gave the photographer Yannis Kolesidis the second prize in international photography contest World Press Photo in the
category “People in the News.”

Announcements about Antonis Karras‘ death were issued by the Central Committee of SYRIZA, the President of PASOK Evangelos Venizelos and the president of DHMAR Mr. Kouvelis .

“Antonis Karras identified his life with the struggles of the party and the development of PASOK,” stated Mr. Evangelos Venizelos and added: “He was a selfless man, dedicated to the collective effort, always ready for action within the society, brilliant scientist who has always worked in the name of public interest, Antonis Karras was an emblematic figure of the Democratic wing.”

“We say goodbye to Anthony’s anti-junta resistance, his democratic and social struggles, and also to the fighter with social sensitivity” states, the Central Committee of SYRIZA.

“I express my deep sorrow for the death of Antonis Karras, a historic member of PASOK” said Mr. Kouvelis, noting that “he fought for the ideas of democracy and socialism. Throughout his journey he was at the forefront of the struggle to defend the social and labor rights.”


  1. Greek Reporter rightfully complains about Golden Dawn but then goes on to treat antihellenic communist extremists in Syriza as “moderates”? Have Greek “Reporters” staff forgotten the atrocities committed by communists during the Greek civil war? Their treasonous betrayal of Greece and Hellenism for IMRO? The thousands of Greeks they massacred on behalf of Tito, Stalin and other tyrannical mass murderers?

    Many Greeks foolishly believe that rightwing extremism is a problem in Greece. However it is actually far left wing extremism that is a problem. Even allegedly rightwing Golden Dawn are actually socialist from an economic standpoint (i.e. they are anti-austerity just like Syriza and big government spenders). ND is the closest we have to right wing economic policies but even they are too far to the left. We have no parties that are unapologetically pro-business.

    Our population to a large extent is made up of selfish whiners that self-righteously rant on how someone else is supposed to fix their lives rather than how they themselves are responsible. Even with our debt mess, they continue to shamelessly stick out their hands like beggers and demand money from the government (i.e. other taxpayers)

    In addition, the extreme anti-nationalist antiGreek positions of crypto communist parties like Syriza is effectively racism towards Greeks (which is precisely why Skopians love our communist buffoons but then hate their own and vote for Gruevski in their own country).

    You won’t read it in antiGreek far left news outlets like the Guardian but this is precisely what has lead to the counter of extreme nationalism of Golden Dawn. Many Greeks feel some foreigners are trying to ethnically delete them. That so many pretend not to notice the Skopians, or support antigreek communist extremists in our country (while opposing them in their own), or manipulatively try to frame mass illegal immigration as “undocumented migrants” only adds fuel to this belief.