Little Girl Found in Greece: Police In Search of Maria’s Father

Maria 2

The Greek police are now in Sandanski Bulgaria, and are cooperating with Bulgarian authorities who are conducting investigations to identify the father of little blond girl Maria who was found in a Roma camp in Farsala last week. It is possible that Maria’s biological father from Bulgaria has been found.

Yesterday, Interpol issued a yellow alert for Maria , which includes a DNA profile and a photo of the girl, to all the member countries of the organization which is based in Lyon, France. The DNA bases of Interpol, available for Greek and international authorities, is urging countries that have a DNA basis to input the child in their files.

Meanwhile, according to reports from “TA NEA”, the Roma couple now in custody kept Maria as their child, for small benefits they received from the government, and also for the dowry they would get in a few years, as soon as they would marry off Maria. The police have taken into consideration the Roma tradition, in which young girls are married off as young as 12 or 13 years of age. According to Roma customs, the father of the bride takes a dowry from the groom’s family which could amount to a large sum.

As of now, the police are speculating that the little girl found in the hands of the Roma couple was taken with the consent of her biological parents. It is also possible that they didn’t give more than 80 euros to mother for taking Maria.