Four Greek Companies on World’s Best Multinational Workplaces List

best companiesThe market research company “Great Place to Work” announced the top 25 multinational companies, through the annual international list- World’s Best Multinational Workplaces 2013.

These companies have the best working environment, and among them, four Greek companies that are distinguished on the list. Microsoft, Diageo Hellas, MARS Hellas and Novartis Hellas, are awarded for their high quality workplace.

The famous list of World Best Multinational Workplaces is based on a database of survey companies which have been distinguished in the national lists of Best Workplaces.

In addition, there are some specifications of a candidate company to participate in this list. The criteria are varying depending on company’s distinction in five national lists of Best Workplaces, employing less than 50 people in each country, in which is differed. A candidate company should also dispose 5,000 employees globally as 40% of its workforce works abroad.

SAS Institute in Greece is distinguished first in category of 20-49 employees of the List Best Workplaces in Greece. But it is not included in the global list, since employees are less than 50 people on a local level.

Google is on top of the list, as the industry W.L. Gore completes the top five. The rest of the best companies are listed below:

1 Google
2 SAS Institute
3 Netapp
4 Microsoft (1st in Greece, 50-250 persons)
5 W. L. Gore & Associates
6 Kimberly Clark
7 Marriott
8 Diageo (10th in Greece, 50-250 persons)
9 National Instruments
10 Cisco
11 Autodesk
12 Monsanto
14 American Express
15 Hilti
16 Telefónica
17 Accor
18 Quintiles
19 SC Johnson
20 Fedex Corporation
21 Atento
22 Mars (5th in Greece, 50-250 persons)
23 McDonald’s
24 The Coca – Cola Company
25 Novartis (9th in Greece, more than 250 persons)


  1. I could understand this in places like US, Australia and Canada but in the rest of the world nations tend to be far less ethnically diverse.

    Statistically speaking if a company in a country with a dominant ethnic demographic is rated as very multicultural then it suggest description against that demographic. Employers are hiring based on ethnic affiliation rather than qualification. Aka Racism.

  2. Diversity is a code word for ‘less white people — more non-White people’.


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