Little Blond Girl Maria’s Biological Parents Found in Bulgaria?

Maria_Roma_BUAccording to the Bulgarian media, there is new data for the case of Maria, the little blond girl found in Greece. It appears that her biological parents were found in the town Stara Zagora in Bulgaria.

As reported in the website of the newspaper Trud, her parents are Atanas and Sasa Rusevi, who are now being interrogated in the local police station.

According to the newspaper, the family has three to ten children, two of which have blond hair and blue eyes, like Maria. This was the initial reason for the investigations by the Greek authorities which began a week ago.

According to the newspaper, Maria’s mother recognized her when she saw her on television and asked for her child back.

Maria’s uncle, her father’s brother, says the girl was born in Greece when her parents worked in olive and orange fields. He claims that the couple left her in Greece because they could not find the necessary documents for her return to Bulgaria. However, the eldest son of the family claims that his parents sold Maria to the Roma family.


  1. Nobody interested in this little blonde girl now that it turns out that she is probably Bulgarian and was sold by her family? Still a tragic story for this little girl and all other men, women and children being bought and sold all over the world.

    I just find it disgusting that the “pro-white” people here have dropped this whole subject (apart from the usual anti-Roma and anti-jewish rants) now that it turns out that the girl is not a blonde haired blue eyed girl from Northern Europe.

  2. Gypsy females or males who have blond hair or blue, green eyes are the proof that their grandfather/mother from northern europe was kidnapped as a child forced to married a gypsy. Generations later some gypsies have blue eyes and blond hair from their grandfather/mother DNA. But yes gypsies stole children from the past. We can count how many gypsies all over in europe have blue, green eyes, blond hairs. From there on, we can count how many children were stolen in the past.

  3. Oh, quit already with your yesyesyesyes they do steal children, hanging on to the last of your defenses. There was no abduction, the kid was never missing.

  4. Nonsense. They could be proof that blond men impregnated gypsy women, the fact that their kids have Northern European dna in no way points to the kidnap or forced marriage scenario, in and of itself. Gypsies may or may not routinely kidnap blond children however the that some of them are blond in no way has any criminal activity attached to it in the way you suggest.

  5. 3 to 10 other children? She does not know how many children she has? I would be giving all those children DNA tests to determine if they are hers. Only one child in the picture shown looks like it could be hers. Her credibility as a human being is already nonexistent when she admitted to leaving her child in Greece to another family. I would not trust a word she says.

  6. The two little ones in the photo do indeed look like “Maria”. I wonder if this Bulgarian couple got them from the same source as well. The youngest little girl in the photo from Bulgaria appears to have had her hair recently dyed bright orange as she appears to still have dye marks along her hairline. If the DNA test came back as a positive for parentage by this Bulgarian woman, it would only make me wonder who in the testing system got paid off.

  7. The young girl of about ten who appears in the photo taken at the house of the Bulgarian Roma woman that supposed gave birth to little “Maria” looks very similar to girl shown in the age progression for Denise Pipitone who disappeared from Italy on September 1, 2004 from the sidewalk in front of the door of her parents’ house. Data about Denise Pipitone:
    Born: on October 26th 2000 Eyes and Hair: Brown
    Height and Weight: (at the time she went missing) 98 cm 16 kg
    Distinguishing Marks: had both ears doubly pierced and a scratch under her left eye
    Missing from: September 1st 2004, at about 12 p.m., near her home in Via Domenico la Bruna , 6, Mazara del Vallo, (TP) Sicily, Italy

  8. Well, well . . . The DNA test came back as positive for Rusev being the mother of Maria. I wonder who got paid off in the most corrupt government of Bulgaria!