DNA Test: This is the Mother of the Little Blond Girl Found in Greece

Roma_Maria_ManaAccording to the results of the DNA test, published by The Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria, Sasa and Atanas Rusevi are the biological parents of the little blond girl.

Svetlozar Lazarov, general secretary of the Ministry, reported that “the results of the DNA samples show by 99.9% that Sasa and Atanas Rusevi are Maria’s natural parents.”

The little girl, aged 4 to 6 years, is now expected to be transferred to a social welfare center in Bulgaria and then to be given to a foster family, according to Yana Kaneva who is in charge of the Regional Directorate of Welfare in Stara Zagora.

Meanwhile, the Bulgarian authorities continue the investigations to find out if little Maria’s mother was a member of a circuit selling newborns. If this is proven, she will be imprisoned.

Sasa Rusevi appeared to the Bulgarian authorities and claimed that, in January 2009, she had given birth to a child in Lamia, which she left in Greece as she had no money and papers to take the child back to Bulgaria. In fact, she publicly claimed that if the DNA test showed that little Maria was her daughter, she would get her child back.

Atanas Rusevi’s brother confirmed that Sasa had abandoned a child in Greece. According to him, the little girl was born in Greece, when her parents worked in olive and orange fields. They didn’t take their child back to Bulgaria as they couldn’t find the necessary documents.

The Greek Roma couple arrested for abducting Maria will seek legal custody of the blond girl. According to their lawyer “it was not an abduction.  When they will be released from prison, they will be able to enter a proper adoption process….they truly and ardently want her back.”


  1. These kids are NOT albinos-albinos have red eyes.There a lots of blond and blue eyed Romas in Bulgaria,it is due to some Slavic genes they apparently have.However other Romas display genetical permutations due to incest.It is not clear what is the case here ,but Maria and the other 2 kids are NOT albinos.By the way this IS Maria’s REAL family .The little baby girl they have is a splitting image of Maria.The most important thing now I that Maria is NOT reunited with her Roma family.She needs to be placed in a loving foster home in Bulgaria to be taken good care of.