Ecumenical Patriarch’s Visit to Kemal Ataturk’s Home-Museum

    Bartholomew_AtaturkYesterday afternoon, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew made a visit to the childhood home-museum of the historical leader of Turkey, Kemal Ataturk, which is located within the Turkish Consulate complex.

    Mr. Bartholomew, accompanied by prelates of the Patriarchate, was welcomed by Consul General of Turkey in Thessaloniki Tuğrul Biltekin, who then gave him a tour through the halls of the renovated museum, which hosts publications and snapshots from Kemal Ataturk’s life, as well as his wax figure.

    “We are happy to visit the renovated house of the founder of the Turkish Republic Ataturk, in Thessaloniki. We wish that God rests his soul and we beg the Almighty that his reforms will live forever and his words “Peace at home, peace in the world” will become reality as time passes. With our blessings” wrote Mr. Bartholomew in the guestbook before leaving.


    1. How can there be peace with the modern Turks while their government simultaneously collude with Skopians not only trying to annex Macedonia Greece but trying to delete our very identity as Greeks? (aka genocide) The only time I am ashamed to call myself Greek is when we I see so called “Greeks” that are such immense cowards they say nothing to condemn the behavior of FYROM’s apologists.. including the current Turkish government.

      What we should be doing is as long as Turkey using FYROM as a proxy against Greece is a tit-for-tat response of moral and logistical support for Kurdish separatists. Kurdstan for the Kurds. United Kurdistan. Just like the Skopians do.. while the Turkish government pretends it doesn’t notice.

      A much smaller Turkish state would reduce the threat footprint not only for Greeks but for countries like Bulgaria, Armenia, Israel, Syria and others. I’m sure many states (and minorities within Turkey) could be convinced into forming an alliance geared towards this task of breaking up the old Ottoman empire even further.. Modern Turk Edrogen has confused himself with a Ottoman Sultan. He needs to be cut down to size.,

    2. We can help the process by using the term South Kurdistan to refer to Northern Iraq and refer to SE Turkey as Northern Kurdistan.

    3. Greece supported PKK seperatist against Turkey in the last decades without Turkey doing anything back against Greece. Greece failed to break up Turkey. Now it is Turkey’s time and we will see if Greece has the stomina Turkey had for the last decades. Exactly, tit-for-tat. Greece will pay the price for its behavior.