Girl of Albanian Origin to Hold Greek Flag

paradeAs published by, a school in Hersonisos, Crete, was cause for talk throughout the region. Parents and students reacted when the school decided that an Albanian student will be the leader of the school parade on October 28. The Albanian girl is the best student of the school.

This decision outraged some of the girl’s classmates and their parents. They believe that it is unacceptable for an Albanian student to hold the Greek flag. The situation appears to be smoothing, after the intervention of institutional authorities.

Lazaros Markou, the president of ELME (union of teachers) in Heraklion, spoke to Alpha News 106.2 about the incident.  “This excellent student may be of Albanian origin but she has a Greek citizenship. There were reactions, but both teachers and the school director tried to convince those who disagreed that racist ideas do not fit in the school environment.”


  1. With racist comments like these, I’m not sure if Greeks are the most stupid or most racist of people. It’s no wonder that those that left don’t want to come back.

  2. Yes and the fact that the macedonian kings called themselves Greek and managed to get every Macedonian speaking same dialect of greek as all other greeks without anyone saying anything about this or this being a problem, on top of already the same religion, culture, money system, architecture, festivals etc. You still claim them completly seperate people in all aspects waiting for a 1000 years or so (distancing themselves from the greeks) for the slavs to give them their “macedonian identity”? It’s absurd..

    You must be truly stupid to think this with the extreme length of time between the events of homogenization in Greece and arrival of the slavs all of your theories are just ludicrous. . Go try to find someone backing up your theories who is not not a self denying Bulgarian.. It is unheard of in history for a reason, they were Greeks!

  3. With anti-Greek over generalizing like that, its easy to you are a racist yourself.


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