Girl of Albanian Origin to Hold Greek Flag

paradeAs published by, a school in Hersonisos, Crete, was cause for talk throughout the region. Parents and students reacted when the school decided that an Albanian student will be the leader of the school parade on October 28. The Albanian girl is the best student of the school.

This decision outraged some of the girl’s classmates and their parents. They believe that it is unacceptable for an Albanian student to hold the Greek flag. The situation appears to be smoothing, after the intervention of institutional authorities.

Lazaros Markou, the president of ELME (union of teachers) in Heraklion, spoke to Alpha News 106.2 about the incident.  “This excellent student may be of Albanian origin but she has a Greek citizenship. There were reactions, but both teachers and the school director tried to convince those who disagreed that racist ideas do not fit in the school environment.”


  1. There is nothing wrong with an Albanian student holding a Greek flag. If the student is proud to be a Greek citizen and a good student more power to her. Living in Greece perhaps one day she will marry someone Greek and their children will have a Greek identity.

    Leftwing extremists may turn the word Hellenism into a meaningless word (e.g. some of our leftist imbeciles treasonously and ridiculously call Slavic Skopians “Macedonians”) but for Greeks that care about Hellenism its not about racism. Its about trying to preserve key cultural themes authentically linked to ancient Hellenes. (language, culture, ideas, territorial association, philosophy, etc.) Granted those born to Greek families are more likely to consider themselves Greek but our hearts should be open to those dedicated to Hellenism.

  2. There is wrong. Albania and FYROM are thieves and albanians have no right to mix thr greek culture.

  3. Why Greex are affraid ?!
    The first Prime Minister of Greece was an Albanian that could not speak Greek….
    Even the President of Greece is a CHAM Albanian that his family changed his name and religion to withstand religious and ethnic prosecution. Mr. Papulias is a Cham Albanian from Voshtina (name changed to Pogoniani).

    Even the heroes of Greek revolution 1821 were Albanians. The sad part is that Greece is still ungrateful to them.
    Greece society is a very racist society. Thank’s God this economic crisis is bringing the intellectuals and some politicians to their senses for the good of their own GENOCIDAL build state……

  4. So what is she is Albanian? She is living and studying in Greece and probably loves Greece as much as she loves her native Albania.I see nothing wrong with it.Why are the majority of the Greeks such raging homophobes?The Greeks are no different that the Albanians anyway.

  5. Albanians are Greek enemies, Turkey and FYROM, too. They stole part of Greece, doing crimes and Greeks are tired to respect Albanians etc.

  6. The flaws in your argument are too numerous to list. Let me suggest you start with DNA testing of yourself. You will discover there is no such thing as “Cham DNA” (or Greek DNA for that matter). Ethnic groups and nationalities are not synonyms for the word race. If anyone seems genocidal here it seems to be you.

  7. The majority of Greeks are not “raging homophobes”. Open a dictionary to learn what the word homophobia means. While your at it learn what the word racism means because your constant negative comments towards Greeks suggest you are racist towards Greeks

  8. Unfortunately some of the posters on this website that claim to be against racism… are no where to be found when foreign ultra nationalists fascists like yourself come here to rant about Greeks.

  9. Incidentally, you really shouldn’t have used “greex” with both your FYROM alias and your Albanian alias.

  10. I don’t see how Albania is our enemy. The Albanians are much like us. They currently have no real allies. Many of them hate Slavs after some of them tried to ethnically erase them. Even today FYROM treat Albanians as second class citizens. If anything there is room for a potential alliance there. We could help the Albanians annex western FYROM to Albania (which they already are the predominant demographic) in exchange for written assurances that they will support us on name issue. (which costs them absolutely nothing). Ditto for helping Bulgarians annex eastern FYROM. (since the Bulgarians are fed up with Skopians stealing Bulgarian history like they do Greek) Win. Win. Win for everyone.

    FYROM is special situation. The former ethnic Bulgarians new found “ancient Macedonian” identity is implicitly an attempt to ethnically delete Greeks. So we should also throw in anyone that supports Skopians as our enemies (although not necessarily be vocal about it) FYROM’s apologists try to downplay the Skopians identity quick change and irredentism (which destroys any moral credibility they had on the matter) It follows then that we should consider the current Turkish government are enemy (since they offensively lobbying for Skopians threatening our country rather than at mimimum stay neutral on the matter)

  11. Did your master Gruevski teach you this about your ancestors?

    “It should be noted that there is NO CONNECTION between the Macedonians of the time of Alexander the Great who were a GREEK tribe and today’s so-called ‘Macedonians’ of the ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’ or FYROM, who are of SLAVIC origin and related to BULGARIANS.” – David H Levinson, ‘The Encyclopedia of Ancient Cultures’

    Or how about this?

    In the 1990s,Macedonians speak a language codified in 1946,spoken by less than two million people, and wi0th a very slender literature. They are members of an Orthodox Church whose authority was established by a socialist political regime in 1968.They are heirs to a 1903 revolution that until the 1940s was described by almost all sources as being Bulgarian.” – “The history of the Balkan Peninsula” Ferdinand Schevill page 432

  12. So Albania who helped Italy invade Greece in 1940 has no significance with it being OXI Day coming up? Give me a break, what a joke, why dont we let Turks parade in Athens also.

  13. Racism plain and simple with no social stigma in Greece to publicly say racist comments like the parents did

  14. Arvanites more then 50.% of to day Greece have a common origin with Albanians.If she feels Albanian she should.not rise the flag of western east India trade company, is not worthy compare with our eagel

  15. I would be outraged too if I were one of those Greek girls for being more stupid especially after paying and attending tutoring classes to get through exams!

  16. This is a story that happens pretty much every year. She’s a Greek citizen who is top of her class. What’s the problem? She should be proud of her achievement and we should wish her well for her future.

  17. Well done albania girl proud off you,if u carry both flags will be great
    just jooking,my nice is greek cannot see problem if she does the same
    there are good greek people and bad same as albanian
    only greek goverment was against albanian immigrants not the greek people

    lift the flag my albanian girl and good luck from north albania mirdita.
    i hate turkey …london

  18. I’m shocked, i can’t beleive what i have just read. so let me ask you this, if your child was given the prestigious role of carrying the star spangled banna in an american school or the canadian flag in a canadian school or british flag in an english school, how would you feel if all the other anglo saxon parents complained and said that your child was not worthy to carry that flag, even though you are a citizen and part of that community?

    I ask you all to re-read the artical and all the comments/racist rants and ask your self why are you all being so racist? there is not even one post here diffending this poor girl, you should all be ashamed of your selves.

  19. “The situation appears to be smoothing, after the intervention of institutional authorities.”

    Translation: The situation appears to be smoothing, after the Thought Police decided to step in and threaten people with fines and arrests for daring to speak out against the Politically Correct status quo.

  20. You seem to out…..
    Chams are the people of Chameria that belong to Albanian national identity. It is simple.
    Greek DNA??? I do not know, it is your problem……

  21. 501.AA/7-2646

    Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. William O. Baxter of Division of Near Eastern


    CONFIDENTIAL [Washington]

    July 26, 1946.

    Mr. Paul Economous-Gouras, Greek Charge d’ Affairs, called this afternoon at his request and present Mr: Henderson with a note expressing the strong opposition of the Greek Government to the admission of Albania to the United Nations at this time. One of the main arguments advanced by Mr. Gouras for this stand was the fact that Greece still considers itself at war with Albania. Mr. Henderson pointed out that, though United States had not yet recognized the present Albanian regime, nor established diplomatic relations with it, our attitude throughout the war was that Albania was a puppet of Italy and therefore not to held responsible for its hostile declarations against various Allied nations. In connection with the statement, contained in the Greek note, that Greece had declared war on Albania by a royal decree on November 10, 1940, Mr. Henderson remarked that as far as he knew the department had no record of this declaration of war nor had it, to his knowledge, been referred to any earlier Greek notes concerning Albania, particularly a request about a year ago that Albania be declared an enemy State.


    The United States Representative in Albania (Jacobs) to the Secretary of State
    SECRET [Tirana]
    October 5, 1946-noon.

    …..Para (3) Virulence Greek propaganda in support its claims has been due in part to incitement and British tacit support (various British officers here have told me as much) and also in part failure United States effectively to disabuse Greek claims at final showdown at Peace Conference or elsewhere… ..

  22. Some people here have defended her. It’s just that the racists are more pedantic and probably have more time on their hands. The upvoting of racist comments on this forum is a deliberate and organised campaign with people who have numerous usernames.

    I repeat my comment…

    “This is a story that happens pretty much every year. She’s a Greek citizen who is top of her class. What’s the problem? She should be proud of her achievement and we should wish her well for her future.”

  23. I suggest to change the law and allow to the worst student to hold the flag then for sure will be Greek one … good luck Greece !!

  24. How are the Greeks “homophobes”?Did you read that article headline?Did you read the racist comments underneath ?I have never seen such raging homophobes like the Greeks.The Greeks think they are the best in the world,the crème de la crème,when in fact they are gypsy tribes themselves. .By the way if you open some History books,you will find out that the ancient Greeks were Egyptians/Middle Eastern tribes that populated the current territory of Greece,so I would say the Albanians are not Inferior in ethnical origin to the Greeks.

  25. Albanians are a gypsy race from the Azerbaijan area …. it should be a Greek holding the flag and not this Albanian……

  26. Albania occupies Hellenic Northern Epirus. During the Communist regime of Enver Hoxha Greek Orthodox Christians were prohibited from mentioning Orthodoxy even in their own homes, visit their parents’ graves, light memorial candles or make the sign of the Cross. 

    Large numbers of ethnic Greeks residing in Northern Epirus were also forcibly displaced throughout Albania by the Albanian authorities, and large numbers muslim Albanian settlers brought in to dilute the Greek demographics, similar to what the invading Islamic Turkish hordes have done in Northern Cyprus, ethnically cleansing the Greek populace and bringing in 200000 stone age Islamic Turks from Central Anatolia.

    The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 awarded the area to Greece, however the area reverted to Albanian control in November 1921, following Greece’s defeat in the Greco-Turkish War.
    The geographic region of Northern Epirus has been Hellenic since Ancient times.

    The earliest recorded inhabitants of the region (c. 7th century BC) were the Chaonians, one of the main Greek tribes of ancient Epirus, and the region was known as Chaonia. 

    Orthodox missionary Cosmas of Aetolia, traveled and preached extensively in northern Epirus, founding the Acroceraunian Schoolin Himara in 1770. It is believed that he founded more than 200 Greek schools until his execution by Turkish authorities near Berat.

    In addition, the first printing press in the Balkans, after that of Constantinople, was founded in Moscopole (nicknamed “New Athens”) by a local Greek.

  27. I think the problem is not the rasicm in this case. Yes, obviously there are rasists in Greece, but which country doesn’t have some???
    It’s more likely other students really wanted to hold the flag since it is considered that helps to raise your grades further and ended up saying all that sh!t

  28. FYi they were not greek school, they were Orthodox Church School, you nazi idiot, get your facts right.

  29. Modern greeks are thieves, they are not even closely related to the ancient greeks, trace your linage you are guaranteed to find your ancestry from Caucasus Armenia Azerbaijan etc

  30. They are afraid that their real identities will be revealed! None of them is “Greek”.

  31. you guys bring the pass way to much!! that is why this world will never go forward because you guys are holding on to History. Go forward and give your kids a chance to grow up not becoming ignorant as all of you guys.

  32. Ancient Greeks were “Egyptian/Ethiopian” tribes? Greeks are from “middle eastern tribe”? Good grief a bigot and an illiterate.
    I think its quite clear by your absurd things you say here and your countless rants about Greeks your agenda is simply to spread hatred of Greeks. To anyone that follows you, It’s obvious you are an hostile ultra nationalist from a neighboring state.

  33. According to alleged “Greek” Thes8niki there are no Skopians with fake handles here. (make what you will of that)

  34. You lecture Greeks about racism then say nothing to condemn the racist rants by foreign ultra nationalist towards Greeks (including on this very thread) How can any Greek take you seriously at anything more than a racist bigot yourself when you only condemn Greeks then look the other way when Greeks are the target of hate speech? (see TedUSA)

  35. Hey its our ultra nationalist FYROM “friend” who keeps changing aliases on Greek reporter. Nice video of FYROM’s President saying you have nothing to do with Macedonians. (which is painfully obvious given you speak a Slavic language)

    “We are Slavs. There’s no connection between us an alexander the Great. ” – Kiro Gligorov

  36. Seems very important to you to claim Greeks are not Greeks. I dunno. Could it because you are a Skopian ultra nationalist extremist that’s such a loser that not only does he have nothing better to do with his time than troll Greek Reporer but even oppresses evidence of his own ethnic Bulgarian heritage?

    “And whether
    Bulgarian consciousness exists in Macedonia, this is a historical legacy. We’re
    now writing our history. We can’t write that until 1940 we were Bulgarians and
    after 1940 Macedonians.” – Krste Crvenkovski
    (President of the Central Committee of the Union of Communists in the Socialist
    Republic of Macedonia) to Todor Zhivkov (First Secretary of the Central
    Committee of the Communist Party of Bulgaria) – May 19, 1967

  37. I’ve noticed he constantly demonizing Greeks too. Given the Skopians that haunt this website changing aliases my guess is he’s FYROM (although its possible he’s from somewhere else)

  38. You make no sense. the hereos of Greek revolution had a GREEK identity. This is why we call our country Greece Naziboy.

  39. “In his ‘History of the Successors’ (Droysen 1878) HE PROMOTED, as the key factor of the period, the ADDOPTION of the “Greek” language and “Greek” culture by NON-Greeks in territories previously ruled by the Achaemenids.

    To express this concept, he used the term ‘hellenismus’, based on the “Greek” term (hellenismos), in its biblical sense of IMITATING or ACQUIRING “Greek” language,”

    (‘The Hellenistic Age: A short history’, Peter Green, p. 17,18)

  40. Fake “Greex” tremble after every minorities gain in fake “Greece”… their fake dreamland is about to poof!!!