Girls Protest by Parading Barefoot in Thessaloniki

barefootIn Thessaloniki, during the parade for the celebration of October 28, known as “Oxi day,” some schoolgirls found a rather original way to protest. Pictures published by, show them parading barefoot. They managed to draw the attention not only from the local and Greek media but also of websites and media throughout the world. The girls probably chose this way to protest against government policy.

Another girl chose a similar way of protesting during last year’s parade in Syntagma, Athens. That girl who was also holding the Greek flag, as the first student of her school, paraded barefoot in front of the platform of the officials and she become the face of the day.

It appears that apart from adults and employees, students also express their disapproval of the government and the tough policy that degrade Greek people’s life.


  1. “It appears that apart from adults and employees, students also express their disapproval of the government and the tough policy that degrade Greek people’s life.”
    Its incompetent beliefs like this that are degrading the lives of Greeks. The government is trying to improve the lives of Greeks but extreme leftwing fanatics in Greece promote a handout mentality. They irresponsibly teach Greeks that our government rather than private enterprise is chiefs responsible for improving our economy.

  2. No one is promoting a handout mentality. That is one of the main reasons among many others that has led to the Economic crisis of Greece. The Greek government is trying to improve the lives of Greeks? Really? The same Greek government for the past 40 years that was ineffective in carrying out laws and regulations on every level in the Greek state. The same government who stole billions of euros from the state and dried up the country. The same government who instead of going after all the CROOKS among politicians decided to protect them from corruption and immunity (exception Tsohaztopoulos). The same government who sold out Greece to foreign investors. The same government who ……….you get the picture. Greece’s coalition government at the moment is a joke and a fraud!

  3. How can you be serious. Greece has had nearly 40 years of bad governance by both left and right. The country has also been ill-served by appalling trades unions. The Greek people are now caught between a rock and a hard place as a slim majority reluctantly back the Samari-ass/Venalzealous coalition to get them out of the mess they created. What’s the alternative? Chimpras or Golden Brawn?

  4. Greece has never really had a rightwing government (at least not in a fiscal sense) . Even GD are really socialists when it comes to spending (support socialist spending just like Syriza) We are left and insanely left

    I agree our unions are extreme. I don’t mind unions in principle but in Greece they are smokesscreen for extreme leftwing groups (like PAME which was founded by KKE)

    Prior governments made mistakes but this doesn’t change the fact many Greeks are leftwing extremists that only know how to whine about the government. If we wish to fix our economy it will require less complaining about the government and more hard work and innovation by individuals

  5. We can thank the mastermind Andreas Papandreou for poisoning the Greek workforce with his social welfare system, it looked great on paper, implemented well that’s another story, then pardoning the communist traitors only to have them infiltrate unions, further compounding the mess. The only other politician that came close to Andreas idiocy was Simitis, and he brought the Greek people some wonderful class acts like JokeAsszoupols.

  6. What do you think all the whining about government will achieve? Do you honestly believe a few politicians are to blame for our economy? That a few politicians will fix our economy? If so, vote for communist Tsipiras. He will tell you anything you want to hear to get elected.

    Rational Greeks on the other hand know, an economy is primarly built by the labours of a talented workforce. If our economy revolves around selling trinkets to tourists or rioting for services we can not afford…. rather than producing intellectual goods and services… it doesn’t matter who’s in political power. We will remain poor indefinitely.

  7. Precisely., Too many Greeks have the ridiculous belief that it is a “human right” to have government services for everything under the sun (rather than see them as entitlements). It has made Greeks extremely unproductive, (why work hard and smart if the government is going to give out freebies?)

    The real reason all these leftist riots keep happening is because too many of us are shamelessly dependent on the state to survive. (crazies that rant about the very businesses that produce wealth)

  8. Greek people’s lives are degraded because they have chosen to hang onto their cars at all cost.

    It’s not just temporary insanity or limited to Greece. Syrians are absorbing machine gun bullets into their bodies and those of their family members … so they might have a chance to drive.

    In the new ‘Age of Less’ we all inhabit something must be given up. What will it be? Your children’s futures? Food? Jobs? Places to live? How about cars? It should be simple but the Greeks and others are clinging to the cars while jettisoning everything else. Meanwhile, comes now the Nazis who will feed the vulnerable into ovens … all so that some might have a chance to drive. Golden Dawn is Syria coming to Greece …

    Get rid of the cars, stop using petroleum. Go back to enjoying life like your grandparents did; eat, drink, be merry … walk around barefoot! Otherwise … conservation by other means = destitution, war, destruction.

  9. How pathetic Greeks have become, only a few girls are willing to protest at the Oxi Day Parade!! What happened to the Greek will and nerve to stand up against the Samaras and Venizelos Dictatorship? Where are the 300 Spartans of old to make themselves heard against our Gangster Gov’t and the Troika?

  10. Wake up and look at what is going on, the Gov’t has not lowered their salaries not voted to lift all their immunity from prosecution… The Gov’t is a gang of thieves and a Dictatorship wokring for the rich in Brussels to sell off the whole country for more and more bribes– They should all be jailed!

  11. What about the 250 million euros PASOK and ND Parties borowed in bogus loans from their Banker cronies and never paid a cent back yet… Is that an example of their good governance and management?
    Wake up People… Time to RISE UP and take our Greece back!

  12. How pathetic we Greeks have become, only a few girls are willing to protest at the Oxi Day Parade against the Troika and Samaras Dictatorship!! What happened to the Greek “Will” and guts to stand up against the Samaras and Venizelos totaltarian Dictatorship?
    Where are the 300 Spartans of old to make themselves heard against our rotten Gangster Gov’t and the Troika?

  13. What can I say you picked the right name …what on earth does a non violent protest like not wearing shoes have to do with the left
    Get a life D.H.
    As for the girls….well done

  14. Firstly what a load of rubbish ….left this : right this ….who the hell cares we had nearly fifty years of 2 families running this country they are both to blame and the Greeks who kept voting them in are equally to blame.
    As for the rest its nonsense the welfare system is not to blame all civilized countries have a welfare system but it needs to properly funded by the very people who are going to use it which means ….we ALL need to pay TAX this is not a left or right rubbish. We are so busy pointing the finger , is it not time to accept responsibility and move on.

  15. What planet are you from … forgot the “p” this time or did you mean to write “incontinent”

  16. Cars ..Steve .. seriously that is the best you can come up with … change what ever medication you are taking…. have you had a look at the monsters being driven in the states ….then again I suppose the USA is going 85bil a month further in debt

  17. Based upon chronic traffic conditions it appears that in Virginia especially around Washington DC in the Obama “Green” Era they have the worst problem giving up their cars. Lets say you first do your part as an example to us all.

  18. You are the kind of blind mentality keeping the same corrupt Gov’t making same mistakes over and over ad nauseum…

  19. Wrong… you can not “move on” until you get rid of this Corrupted rotting festering Gov’t of lowly thieves & liars…!

  20. Cars have nothing to do with anything we are talking about— It is the Gang of Criminals running this Gov’t that we have to give up and kick out!

  21. You are right much better to keep blaming everyone
    as far as Gov’t thieves etc were should we start every politician and every public servant were do we finish with the tax collectors and the lawyers …why don’t we lock everyone up TA FAGAME MAZI

  22. And what will shamelessly whining for handouts achieve when out government doesn’t have money to give? Incompetence

  23. Blaming only the government or “two families” is exactly the sort of absurd beliefs that got us into debt mess. What part of our economy can only fix itself if the Greek people decide they want to focus on business rather than whine for even more handouts.


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