October 28th Military Parade in a “Blurry” Political Landscape

military parade ThessalonikiThe military parade in Thessaloniki for the celebration of the National “Oxi” Day, the 28th of October, took place in a foggy climate-actual and political-and in the presence of the President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias.

Today’s parade was marked by the empty seats in the official’s platform. Besides the Minister of National Defense Dimitris Avramopoulos, who represented the government, Evangelos Venizelos, the representatives of SYRIZA, KKE and DIMAR were also absent.

Evangelos Venizelos is thought to be absent in protest against the statements of the Regional Governor of Central Macedonia Apostolos Tzitzikostas, concerning the invitation to Golden Dawn. It is also considered that another reason for his absence, is his dispute with the Minister of National Defense on his decision for the marching of the military vehicles, aircrafts and helicopters in the streets of Thessaloniki.

The representatives of the opposition parties were absent in protest against the decision of Apostolos Tzitzikostas to invite MPs of Golden dawn to the parade. We should also note that the representatives of Golden Dawn were also absent from the officials’ platform.

The Mayor of Thessaloniki Yiannis Boutaris was present sitting next to Apostolos Tzitzikostas, despite the intense dispute they had the previous days.

At the same time the citizens weren’t allowed to access in the area of the parade. Due to the increased security measures they saw the parade from a distance, while many just preferred to stroll the Thessaloniki seafront or in the center of the town.

military parade protestTension occurred when protesters who were gathered close to the parade area, among them were members of SYRIZA, as well as teachers and school guards, who started shouting slogans against the governmental policy.

The police prevented them from moving any closer. However, the crowd of the protesters caused a small panic when they moved from the White Tower, where they had gathered initially, and then were mixed in the crowd.

Karolos PapouliasKarolos Papoulias: Greece has given everything it could give

The President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias sent a stern message to the European partners, after the completion of the military parade in Thessaloniki.

In his statements on the occasion of the celebration of the 28th of October, National Day, the President of the Hellenic Republic sent a clear message to Europe, that the Greek people cannot give anything more than what they have already given.


  1. E.Venizelos should be arrested, prosecuted and put to jail for treason, corruption and a major contributor to the Economic crisis of Greece. He defended Tsohaztopoulos in trial back in the 90’s, protected all his corrupt politicians from both parties PASOK and ND and all businessmen who evaded taxes and stole money from the state. Venizelos shouldn’t be attending Oxi Day Parades anywhere in Greece.

  2. I agree 100%. They should all be in jail, all who have been in Parliament since 1981. The Reuters report described Papoulias as a member of the Greek resistance. He was 11 in October 1940 and still only 14 when the war ended.

  3. Left wing propagandist always try to portray themselves as the only ones against fascism (and have a bad habit of slandering anyone not a leftist as “fascist”).. In practice Oxi day was a right wing Metaxas government that opposed fascism. (who is of course offensively slandered as “fascist” by our communists)

    The irony is the communist actually divided Poland with Nazis in 1939. They only subsequently fought the fascists to save their own hides. They didn’t fight for Greece. They fought for their communist ideology. (which they proved after the war by fighting for Tito and IMRO during Greek civil war)

  4. These fake “Greex” come beg and cry in Brussels how they don’t have enough food and medics, but hey – they have enough for a military parade!!!! Shameless thieves and beggars!

  5. The truth is not one communist fought in that battle. They were ordered not to participate and only entered the war two years later when Hitler turned on his ally Stalin.

  6. How sad we Greeks have become, only a few young girls are willing to stand foreward and “Protest” at the Oxi Day Parade against the Troika and our new Gov’t Dictatorship!!
    What happened to the Greek “Will” and guts to stand up against the EU and IMF Criminals in Brussels and the Samaras and Venizelos totaltarian Dictatorship here?
    Where are the new proud 300 Spartans of old to make themselves heard against our rotten Gangster Gov’t and the Troika?

  7. Venizelos should have been jailed for hiding the Legarde List, but nothing happened and they only went after Papaconstantinou, who’s trial is now dragging on and on to let him off too– What a bad joke on Greek Justice!

  8. Have nothing better to do with your time than harass Greeks on Greek websites? We’ll take your history lessons seriously when fanatics like you stop hiding your obvious ethnic Bulgarian roots and stop behaving like IMRO Nazis during WW2.

    “In the 1990s,Macedonians speak a language codified in 1946,spoken by less than two million people, and with a very slender literature. They are members of an Orthodox Church whose authority was established by a socialist political regime in 1968.They are heirs to a 1903 revolution that until the 1940s was described by almost all sources as being Bulgarian.”

    = “The history of the Balkan
    Peninsula” Ferdinand Schevill page 432

  9. The Greeks today have turned the Dory of ancient Sparta into votes and stand on a cyber hill in opposition to unionists, corrupt politicians bowing towards Brussels. We have found the enemy and they are us!

  10. And on top of the lies – he is ALBANIAN! Not “Greek”:

    ACTUAL PRESIDENT: Karolos Papoulias (Albanian), born June 4, 1929 in Voština (renamed Pogoniani), Epir, is the current Albanian president of Greece. His ancestors changed the name and religion some 100 years ago.

    He is the son of Major General Gregorios Papoulias and grandson of SULEIMAN PAPULIA who is known of being related to TAHIR PAPULIA, an Albanian dervenaga from 1821.

    READ MORE in “History of the Greek Revolution” by Alexandros Sutsos:

    His grandfather from his mother’s side was ZULFIKIAR, a wealthy Albanian landowner from Yanina. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ioannina_Vilayet

    Papulia(s) also maintains his friendship with fellow Cham-Albanian classmate Fuat Botsi (now a retired actor) residing in Fieri, Albania.

  11. What a JOKE — “The citizens weren’t allowed to access in the area of the parade.”
    What more does this tell you about this Corrupt Gov’t of Crooks, Liars and Thieves—