Athens: One of the Major Hubs in Europe


Athens is one of the major hubs in Europe, stated executives of the airline company Lufthansa.

“Greece has proved itself as a reliable and powerful ally,” said the chief commercial officer of Lufthansa airline Jens Bischof today, during an event where he presented the future plans of the company.

According to the company, “there has been a steady increase in travelers from Greece to Europe, America and vice versa, a fact that contributes to the increase of tourists in Greece, while at the same time it is the most popular airline for Greeks, because of the many comfortable and helpful connections, the extensive network and excellent products and services.”

It was also reported that for the first time there was a significant increase of passengers from North America, giving positive signs for the future of Greek tourism.

Lufthansa demonstrates its continued support to Greece and recognizes Athens as one of the major hubs in Europe for passengers traveling both for business and vacation,” said the commercial director, adding that the support for the country is also proven by the promotion of local Greek products, not only during the flights but also on the ground.

As far as the investments of the German company are concerned, its executive officers said that the Lufthansa Group continues to invest in new technologies through the modernization of its fleet.

Already approved,are the purchase of 59 aircrafts, an investment worth 14 billion euros, which will ensure about 13,000 jobs in the German group and thousands of jobs for partners and suppliers.


  1. Is it an idea to think how Greece can build on this fact and improve infrastructure so that it benefits in the future? I agree that Luthsnsa are not helping Greece in an investment sense but perhap there are ways that Greece could benefit from being the travel hub it has become?

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