For Most Greek Women, Sex and Money are Not a Priority

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Priorities have changed: Greek women do not care about the money or the sexual performance of their partner, but they are seeking for emotional security and tranquility…

Research at the International Andrology Institute (IAI) and the Hellenic Society for the Study of Human Sexuality (EMAS), which was conducted by ALCO, reveals that sex life and the economic situation of their partner take second place, following the need for emotional fulfillment and family tranquility.

Kostas Konstantinidis, the president of the Andrology Institute and the Hellenic Society for the Study of Human Sexuality, spoke of a complete deconstruction of the image which characterized the Greek woman over the previous years. “As it is shown by the research, the Greek woman’s priorities have changed: first comes family and the maintaining of the relationship, more importantly the investment in tenderness, which today serves as an “antidote” for underlying or even overt violence (verbal and physical), resulting from economic hardship.”

About 600 female residents of Attica, from 18 to 54 years old, were asked to respond with what criteria they chose their love partner in the current period. Economic situation, social life, security and sex life are the main criteria.

What women consider important:

First of all, research confirmed the lacking satisfaction of Greek women concerning their sexual life, but mostly, it showed the catalytic effect of the economic crisis on human relationships. Specifically:

– The economic situation was proven not to play a substantial role in mate selection or the maintaining of the relationship (in contrast with the expected results). Only 1% of women stated that they are concerned about their partner’s economic situation.

– Social life has little effect on mate selection. Thus, 1 out of 10 women states that she is concerned about the number of her partner’s friends, his social relationships and his leisure activities. The women who are most obsessed with mens social status are those between 18 and 34 years old and those who live in the center of Attica.

– Sexual intimacy is still considered as an important factor in relationships, but it shows great deficiencies, mostly due to the decrease in regards to the frequency and duration of sexual contact. One 1 of 3 Greek women believe that the sex life has a major role in mate selection and the maintaining of the relationship.


  1. Idealistic to say the least. Economics impacts everything in a relationship and studies have shown time and again that most relationships dissolve as a result of finances.

  2. “The women who are most obsessed with mens social status are those between 18 and 34 years old and those who live in the center of Attica.” – which is also when most women in Greece marry. Sounds about right.

  3. Money is the best aphrodisiac
    A man asked his 70 year old friend how did he manage to marry such a gorgeous
    20 year old the old man replied …..I told her I was 90

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