Greek Islands: The Ultimate Holiday Destination

nisiBest Value Destinations according to Lonely Planet

Every year the Lonely Planet publishes a small book with the best travel destinations of the year. The material for 2014 is already set, and among the recommendations of Lonely Planet are the Greek islands.

The magazine chooses places worth visiting without having to pay a fortune, and are listed as “Best Value Destinations.”

The book was published today and those interested in visiting the Greek islands will find all the information needed. As mentioned in the book, Greece is an ideal destination because due to the economic crisis, prices have dropped significantly and the Greeks endeavor to regain tourists. They also emphasize that most of the archaeological sites are not crowded which makes them even more irresistible.

Other economic destinations suggested by the Lonely Planet are: Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Portugal, Nicaragua and South Italy.

Best cities for 2014 are listed as: Cape Town, Oakland, Zurich, Vancouver, Shanghai, Adelaide, Riga, Chicago, Trinidad and Paris.

Best countries for tourism in 2014 are: Malaysia, Belgium, Brazil, Skopje, Scotland, Seychelles, Sweden, Mexico and Malawi.


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