Pangalos: Greek Government was Spying on US Ambassadors


During a radio interview, former Greek foreign affairs minister Theodoros Pangalos, revealed that the Greek government was spying on two US ambassadors.

“We didn’t learn anything new…Everybody can monitor anybody…Greece’s intelligence service (EYP) had managed to tap the phones of the U.S. ambassadors in Athens and Ankara during my term in office (late ’90s),” Pangalos told a Greek radio program.

The statement came amid scenarios that the American embassy in Athens houses a surveillance centre and targets telecommunications in Greece and that NSA spies on European nations.

“It wasn’t anything big but it was entertaining to hear the US ambassador in Athens talking to the ambassador in Ankara and the State Department using inappropriate language and calling me bad names” Pangalos said during the radio interview.

However, he stressed that more than 20 years have already passed and therefore everything has been barred forever. Pangalos pointed out that the espionage stopped because “the Americans figured it out.”

Pangalos, a leading member of the Panhellenic Socialist Party (PASOK), served as Foreign Minister from 1996 until 1999.

“Our intelligence service, EYP, has been cooperating for years with the corresponding agencies in the US and other countries to combat terrorism. Any further analysis and discussion of its mission is considered as undermining its work,” Greek government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou said in a statement issued a few hours later.

He did not clarify the extent and terms of cooperation.


  1. Why does it take this fat corrupt pig Pangalos instead of the fat corrupt pig Venizelos and his pal Samaras to tell us all this news about bugging going on in Greece?
    THIS GOV’T of Criminals MUST GO— Rise up Greek People & save yourselves!

  2. Pangalos has delusions of grandeur and lacks credibility, it’s hard to believe anything this obtuse corrupt animal says, he’s just deceptively trying to polish up his horrible reign by painting a false picture he was competent and effective. He goes on and on about himself, and how he was aware of the whole situation, his arrogance knows no bounds. Hey look, its 150kilo super cool fat guy spy Pangalos. Here’s what absurd statements by Super Cool Fat Spy Pangalos the article leaves out:

    “But sometimes it was very entertaining to hear the American ambassador telling his colleague in Ankara, or someone in the State Department, ‘what is this (expletive) Pangalos doing?’” he said.

    “When I was foreign minister, I wouldn’t learn anything serious, because I knew most of it already. Sometimes it was simply very amusing,”

    “Every time I went in [to my office in the morning] with my coffee and my sesame roll, I would have a pile of papers on my desk; they would not send me everything, just that which I would be interested in,” he told Vima FM.

    He maintained that it should be a source of “national pride” that Greece had managed to “be first in the dirty work”.

  3. This fat pig of PASOK should be arrested, prosecuted and put to jail. He’s one of the many corrupt politicians who stole from the state. This guy along with Papandreou, Simitis, Karamanlis, tsohatzopoulos and many others ought to be hung in Parliament Square or th world to watch. They are a disgrace to Greece. Traitors and corrupt to the bone!