New Democracy Against Stournaras’ Decision on New Taxes

ioannis stournarasThe Greek Finance Minister Ioannis Stournaras created a new taxation about land parcels and plots.
On the one hand, citizens are talking about an unconstitutional law and confiscation of their properties. They consider this taxation exhausting especially for large families, the unemployed and for people with disabilities. In fact some do not hesitate to “donate” even their homes to the Greek state in order to show that they are unable to pay the new tax on real estate.

On the other hand, 22 members of New Democracy political party are talking about the excessive taxation of farmers. These taxes will prevent the development of rural economy. As a result farmers will not be able to pay them.
New Democracy MP’s are addressing Stournaras saying “The consultation of the final single property tax plan of 2014 includes the rates based on the tax bill of parcels and unzoned land and homes. Basic tax rate for parcels is 1.5 per acre. Tax increase is depending on parcel location, its use, its distance from the sea and its position in relation to roads. If there’s a house on the plot, the main factor is multiplied by five. Moreover, the rate is reduced gradually to areas of 130 acres or more. Since the parcels are grown, the burden of the tax rates is excessive.”

They warned that they will not vote for this measure because they are completely opposed to new tax parcels and plots. A counter-proposals series proceeded about solutions so that farmers will not be burned by unjust taxes. They even wondered about the future of derelict and unused land which do not give any income to their owners so far.

After a meeting on this issue, Ministry of Finance and Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, announced that storage facilities located on agricultural land will not be taxed, such as greenhouses, stockyards, warehouses, agricultural machinery. The farmers had also demanded exemption of the above in the consultation on the single property tax.