Exhibition Promoting Greek Diaspora

news_paperA proposal to establish the 1st of March as a day dedicated to Greek Diaspora was recently expressed during the inauguration of a special exhibition on the press of the Greeks who live abroad. This exhibition is taking place on the ground floor of the central library of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in Thessaloniki, Greece, and it will run until November 6th.

“We must show greater interest for the expatriates, many of them are disappointed by the indifference that Greece has shown to them,” stated the professor emeritus of the School of History and Archaeology Ioannis Touloumakos to anampa.gr.

The exhibition includes publications of Greeks who live abroad taken from the circulation of newspapers and magazines as well as by publications of literary and scientific books from New Zealand and Australia, South America, the USA, Canada, South Africa, France, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and from countries of eastern Europe.

The exhibition aims to promote the achievements of the Greeks who live abroad, of which only little is known about in Greece. “If in the past, the knowledge of this creation in whole was a national obligation, in today’s critical circumstances, that our country needs the support of the Greek Diaspora more than ever before in recent history; this knowledge constitutes an urgent national need,” maintained the organizers.

As professor Touloumakos expressed, he collected the press material in the last three years with the assistance of the staff of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) who contacted associations of Greeks who live abroad asking for the relevant material, such as newspapers and magazines of Greek Diaspora as well as publications of Greeks abroad.

“From the study of the published material, it is obvious that many Greeks feel nostalgia about Greece, others are disappointed and others quite indifferent,” stressed professor Touloumakos who aims to create an autonomous department which will include the press of Greeks abroad in the central library of AUTH.

The exhibition is organized by the Greek Scientific Society, of which members are the professors of all the Schools of AUTH and the AUTH’s School of English.


  1. I am a Greek American and I and my family have experienced Anti-American sentiments in Greece. Now Greece wants to play nice with the Greeks of the diaspora. Too late now, you want our money. When we come to Greece you treat us badly. My son is a drilling manager for a big oil company in Houston, he would never hire any Greek he is that bitter at his treatment in Greece.