Maria Will Live With a Foster Family in Bulgaria

    Maria 2According to new sources, Maria the blond girl found in a Roma camp in central Greece whose birth parents are from a Bulgarian Roma village, will be cared for by a foster family in Bulgaria. The international mystery about Maria ended when the DNA tests showed that a couple from Bulgaria are her biological parents. Her mother, Saska Ruseva, said she wanted her child back, although that seems unlikely to happen.

    The little girl will be cared for by a foster family, and the Agency for Social Assistance announced that it will also take action to care for the other underage children of the couple. The agency also said that her parents and their nine children have been living in poverty in a one-room mud brick house in the village of Nikolaevo, in central Bulgaria. The children will be temporarily placed in the families of relatives and foster care. The social workers will support the contact between the children and their parents on a daily basis.

    Furthermore, according to sources the couple had abandoned another child some years ago who now lives with a family in another Bulgarian city. The Bulgarian Roma family is being investigated on accusation of illegal adoption. At the same time the Greek Roma couple in custody are being charged with kidnapping.


    1. Maria is a Bulgarian citizen, she should be returned to Bulgaria and be placed with a loving Foster family.

    2. why does Maria need to be returned to Bulgaria if there are no plans to
      reunite with her birth family? If Maria was born in Greece doesn’t
      that make her a Greek citizen? Why traumatize this poor child more by
      transferring her to a foreign land where she doesn’t know the people,
      the language? Why not keep her in Greece and find a suitable family to
      foster/adopt from there? The only family Maria has ever known is from Greece but it’s clear neither Greek nor Bulgarian Roma families are in a position to care for her properly at this time. What are Greek & Bulgarian govts doing to help Roma families and the children? How is it the best interest of Maria to keep uprooting her from place to place – that will only create more fear, more distrust and
      confusion for this little four year old baby girl! With all the love
      being spoken on Maria’s behalf it would be nice to see it shown where it
      truly is in her best interest and not to satisfy the selfish desires of
      those who only think of themselves!

    3. Wow, I hope the foster family treats Maria with respect.
      Most of us only want the best for Maria.
      God bless Maria

    4. Maria was born in Greece into the Bulgarian Roma family and was cared for by her biological mother until she was 7 months old and then sold illegally to the Greek Roma family .How human trafficking makes this Bulgarian girl Greek?She hasn’t got no birth certificate,no documents. Her parents are Bulgarian citizens and so she is and she should be returned to her home country and be adopted by loving foster parents.

    5. Tracey, My wife and I offered to adopt Maria in the US. With all the responsibilities and expences incurred . It would have been a blessing.
      A priceless experience.

    6. If the media is to be believed, there is documentation for this child in Greece of her birth: ” copy of a birth certificate, stating that the Mrs Ruseva gave birth to a girl on January 31, 2009 at the general hospital in Lamia, 45 miles from Farsala, where Maria was born. The document lists no name for the baby – who had not yet been baptised – but the birth date matches that given by Salis and Dimolpoulou to police” . And indeed, how does human trafficking make the little girl NOT a Greek citizen if she was born on Greek soil to Bulgarian parents and subsequently handed off to a family living in Greece? Is it because we now know Maria is ethnic Roma? That would be outright discrimination; are Roma not recognized as citizens of countries of their birth? Somehow with all the false documentation and huge problem Greece has within its birth records system the fact this child was born in Greece on January 31 2009 doesn’t seem to be disputed – the govts are building cases against both sets of Roma parents based partly on this information! It has always been, if a child is born to parents who are not citizens of the country, the child automatically acquires dual-citizenship of both countries (their birth country and parents’ country of origin) until the age of 18 where the person decides which country to claim citizenship. Members of my own family are examples of people born with dual-citizenship. Why would little Maria be any different regardless of her circumstances? The fact remains she should be treated as a dual-citizen until the age of 18. It’s my personal opinion Maria should be kept in Greece because it’s most familiar to her. What she needs is love, nurturing and stability not more upheaval, confusion and uncertainty. Such a heartbreaking story:( !

    7. Maria is not familiar with Greece,she lived in the Gypsy quarter /called ‘katun”/ totally isolated from Greece,she does not speak any language except Roma! Maria is a victim of illegal human trafficking and if she wasn’t sold by her biological parents,whe would be born and living in her native Bulgaria.Maria might be born in Greece and have dual citizenship because of that ,but she is Bulgarian by the country of origin of her biological parents and because legally the case is now treated as a “child abduction” she should be returned to Bulgaria.

    8. Living in the US is not necessarily the optimum thing for a child. There is abject poverty all over the USA- A country with no public health system, and virtually no social security. Why don’t you offer to adopt one of the many homeless North American children?

    9. Yes Obama has ruined this country. However some lucky folks have excellent healthcare. Wife if a doc.

    10. being born, even legally, in Greece doesn’t make you a Greek citizen. I’m a foreigner here in Greece who was born and has lived here my entire life and yet they do not recognize me as a Greek citizen. You have to have either some Greek ancestry, be married to one, or have gone through the Greek education system for at least 8 years to be eligible for citizenship.

    11. Just the opposite,I think America is the greatest country to live in-take it from an European,who immigrated to the US 7 years ago.I would never go to live back in the overcrowded,expensive Europe,also their socialized healthcare is a complete joke .On other hands,here in the US our healthcare is superb,the docrors are truly amazing.

    12. I’m no authority on Greek law but took for granted if one was born in a land they are a citizen of said country. USA members of my family have Greek lineage; maybe that is why there were no problems w/dual-citizenship. However, my US-born military family stationed in Italy had 2 children in Italy and both were dual-citizens of USA and Italy until age of 18. The family are not Italian, don’t have Italian heritage and were not enrolled in educational study, yet children recognized as Italian citizens because they were born in Italy. That’s a fair policy because otherwise it’s confusing esp for those people who are displaced and don’t know families of origin. Greece should take this into consideration as the country seeks to fix its dysfunctional birth records system.

    13. On the contrary, recent reports state Maria is doing very well and progressing in “leaps and bounds”. She is making new friends, quickly learning Greek language (she knew some), a happy child adjusting well to foster home where she is loved and cared for. Maria is thriving in Greece perhaps for the first time in her life! So why uproot her if she is happy, safe and secure – aren’t those conditions best for the child?! Why cause the little girl more distress, confusion and uncertainty relocating her to Bulgaria – she doesn’t fully understand what’s happening to her because of her age, think of the fright and trauma to Maria! Her birth family gave up rights to her the second Maria was handed off to whomever in Greece, money or no money exchanged. Maria is an angel, a miracle child who’s still alive, anything could have happened to her! She deserves to be cherished, as all children do, not exploited! If Maria is sent back to Bulgaria, the birth family will stalk her, she will have no peace and I predict situations will arise that create more obstacles and distress. It’s going to be difficult enough for Maria someday when old enough to realize her birth parents abandoned her as a baby and threw caution and her safety to the wind. She is happy in Greece and the country is economically in a better position to give the child opportunity and full productive life. That’s in Maria’s best interest! – the love, comfort, care and concern she is receiving now as she builds new relationships with good people. May God Bless Maria!

    14. I am so sad that Maria is being sent to Bulgaria. She was born in Greece and left in Greece by her birth mother. She needs to be adopted by a living family from Greece. Where she was born and comfortable. Why be sent to a foreign land in Bulgaria? This little Angel was God sent. She shouldn’t be tossed around with instability . We need to help her !

    15. The American adoption and foster care system is tragic. That is why I am looking into foreign adoption. Friends had good luck with Russia and now those adoptions are banned. I am setting up a meeting with the Embassy of Bulgaria here in DC. I’ll be happy to share any information I receive with you and your wife. Especially if there is information on angel Maria. Btw…a friend of mine who was visiting Greece read in the Athens paper that the child was adjusting very well with in the care of Smile for the Child. She was well behaved and delightful. You really can see it in her face.