Papadimoulis: Glezos Criticism Will Drive Us Forward

B636155263EC62BE8CE521C457119AA5Coalition of the Radical Left  (SYRIZA) parliamentary representative Dimitris Papadimoulis, when asked to comment to Manolis Glezos recent statement, that the major opposition party is not capable of convincing Greek voters, he expressed his respect towards the WWII hero, and one of the most honored and influential members of major opposition party.

As Mr Papadimoulis said to “Vima 99,5” radio : “ I believe that the criticism of Manolis Glezos will encourage SYRIZA to make a proposition that will ensure Greek citizens that there is an alternative fiscal and social policy in favor of society. We aim both our propositions to be more convincing and to convince more people every day.  I am certain that SYRIZA’s program committee under Yiannis Dragasakis’ guidance will take Glezos criticism into account.”

Mr Papadimoulis added: “we do not believe we are perfect. It does not bother us if a citizen or a member of our party underlines our faults and weaknesses. On the contrary it is our priority to ameliorate our program in order to be more convincing, and respond to people’s needs.”

For the same issue SYRIZA’s Member of Parliament Panayiotis Lafazanis stated on Mega channel, that the major opposition party has convincing propositions and everybody is working to make them even more convincing.

Another first-class member of SYRIZA Panos Skourletis stated on SKAI radio, “we are not clueless of how we will keep our promises when we come into power. We are ready for this. There are criticisms that aim to drive us forward and such was the criticism of Manolis Glezos, who with his wisdom expressed his opinion in order to drive our party forward.”


  1. We here in America wish that SYRIZA does get into power. The IMF will stop giving Greece money so we can spend that money here in the states.