Zincirli Mosque Opens its Gates

mosqueZincirli mosque, which opened its doors after two centuries, reveals the architectural achievements of the Ottoman Empire. The heavy black chains that kept it tightly closed “broke” and revealed an astonishing building, which excelled in the Ottoman Empire.

It is located in the southwestern part of the city of Serres, at Emporios square and is a reference point in the cultural life of the area. According to the description of archaeologist Stavroula Dadaki, it is a medium-sized mosque with a central quadrangle space, which on three sides – eastern, northern and western, is surrounded by a two-storey lodge abutted by columns.

The opening of the renovated historic monument took place in the framework of  the 100th anniversary of liberation  of Serres. The mosque is hosting an exhibition with findings and photographs of the city before its destruction.

Two years ago, on January 2011, the Ministry of Culture rejected the request of the Association of  Western Thrace Mosques, to turn the monument into a place of prayer. The Ministry didn’t accept because of the ongoing renovation works.

Zincirli mosque is one of the four major monuments built inside the city of Serres, dating from the 15th century. These monuments are among the oldest in Europe. Other famous mosques in Serres are the Mehmet Bey Mosque and the Mustafa Bey Mosque. According to historic data, in the centre of Serres, there was the Eski Mosque, the oldest Ottoman monument of the city.


  1. Here we are fornicating over the “architectural achievements of the Ottoman Empire”, whilst this newspaper ignores the millions of Greeks and other Europeans who were killed, forced to convert or enslaved under this violent and barbaric colonial regime.

    Turkey should become a multicultural and multiracial melting pot in order to atone for it’s “evil” and “racist” past — just like Europe is forced to.

  2. For once I have to agree with the GD troll. Trust our idiotic leftists to be “impressed” by ugly minarets. Many of our leftists are unfortunately imbeciles that praise their own oppressors. Our ancestors that fought to free themselves from Ottoman persecution would be disgusted by the Greek left.