Aegean Airlines Adds 15 New Destinations

    aegean_olympic_390_1104The company announced plans to strengthen its fleet and flying schedule up to the end of 2014, following the absorption of Olympic Air, which will lead to annual cost savings of 35 million euros, mostly from merging the two carriers’ administrative operations.
    The carrier’s plans for next year concern the addition of five new aircraft to its fleet, taking its total to 50, while its hubs in Greece will climb from seven to eight.
    The company also plans the addition of 15 new destinations to Aegean’s flying schedule from Athens for 2014, taking its total number of destinations from Athens International Airport to 47.
    The new services will include flights to Birmingham in Britain, Marseille and Nantes in France, Zurich in Switzerland, Hamburg, Hanover and Nuremberg in Germany, Copenhagen in Denmark, Catania in Italy, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Beirut in Lebanon and Paphos in Cyprus. In total, 45 to 50 new flights will be added to the 2014 schedule, taking Aegean and Olympics total services to over 250.
    (source: Capital)


    1. bravo tous. it’s a shame they lost so much ground to turkish. hopefully they make it up

    2. This is great news. Let’s hope that they can continue to grow and they get to the point where they can re-establish services to other major continents that were abandoned by Olympic following more than 40 years of unbroken service. They are bound to receive massive, loyal support by the Greek diaspora wanting direct flight services with Athens.