Georgiadis Insists On Healthcare Cuts

adonis 1As it has been reported, the government projected that four EOPYY pharmacies would offer free medication to poor people without medical insurance.

However, according to the newspaper “To Vima,” the Minister of Health stated: “It is not the time for the government to expand structures, but to reduce them. Due to the crisis healthcare, access has not been possible for everyone. Public surgeries would begin operating in afternoons, for everyone who does not want to wait on a list and does not mind paying a small price.”

After stating that, it is very clear that Mr. Adonis Georgiadis and Mr. George Patoulis, president of the Athens Medical Association, share the same opinion about the current operation of the Health System in Greece.

Mr. Georgiadis also denied that these developments promote a private healthcare system, in which only a few would have access to, saying that: “private clinics are the ones that should be worrying.”