Shooting At Greek Golden Dawn Office, Two Dead


Greek police said that two people were killed in a shooting at the Neo Iraklion office of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party in Athens on Nov. 1.

Georgios Fountoulis 26, and Manolis Kapelonis 23, were shot dead when two people on a motorcycle sprayed fire at the Dolden Dawn office. Alexandros Gerontas who was also shot is at the hospital in critical condition.

The shooting comes a month after an anti-fascist hip-hop artist, Pavlos Fyssas, was killed by a man police said is linked to Golden Dawn but there was no information on whether the attack was related.

The shooting came hours after Justice Minister Haralambos Athanassiou submitted to the General Accounting Office an anti-racism bill that foresees tough penalties for racially-motivated crimes, legislation aimed squarely at Golden Dawn. Prime Minister Antonis Samaras had set it aside earlier in the year, not wanting to make martyrs of the party.

The bill, which is a combination of various proposals submitted to Parliament by different parties in recent months, is to be finalized and submitted to the House for approval in due course. It foresees jail sentences of up to three years and financial penalties of up to 20,000 euros for incitement to racist attacks.

Similar penalties are foreseen for those who praise Nazism, the Holocaust and other internationally-recognized genocides which are criminalized by the bill.


  1. GD are wrong but cheering on terrorism is also wrong. More troubling though, is if claiming to be against racism where are you to be found when people like “TediUSA”come to this website obsessively rant racist anti-Greek rhetoric?

  2. Moral consistency is sensible. Whats troubling is posters like “jeff” that basically only posts complains when someone Greek does something racist but then do on to say absolutely nothing to condemn violence or racism against Greeks. (e.g. TediUSA is obviously a sick foreign ultra nationalists whose only agenda here is to rant against Greeks)

  3. GD are extremists but claiming GD planted the bombs, when you have absolute no evidence to support the claim, is plain absurd.

    Those that apologize for terrorism (most likely down by leftist or anarchist extremists but could be some foreign extremist) represent just another violent extremist political element.

  4. Unfortunately there are are more than one extreme operating here. Some of those that represent themselves as “antifascists” are actually extremists themselves. If you claim to be against terrorism one would think you should be showing some moral consistency and condemning the violence.

  5. Resorting to “theories” with zero evidence only makes andreas come off as an extremist himself (seemingly trying to morally justify terrorist violence). GD should be condemning but not by resorting to lawless violence.

  6. Some GD supporters are extreme but they are not “hitler”. You have no clue what these people did on individual basis. The crime has to meet the punishment and punishment should only be given out by the justice system. Applauding cold murder makes you seem like an extremist yourself.

  7. You say “Nazi haters’ as if its a negative thing? The Nazis massacred millions (includign Greeks) Any Greek that supports Nazism is as idiotic as any Greek that support communism.

    Are you even Greek or just some fan of fascism thats latched on to GD?

  8. “it foresees jail sentences of up to three years and financial penalties of up to 20,000 euros for incitement to racist attacks.”

    Anyone that engaged or inciting in attack (racist or otherwise) should face jail time but throwing people in jail for vague laws against specifically racism is a calamity for free speech. Trust leftists to support such broad idiotic oppressive laws..

  9. What are you – 15?

    You’re embarrassing yourself with such idiosyncratic rubbish.

  10. Who cares? It is much more embarrassing to be a nazi. Since these are the people i am dealing with, i really couldn’t care less what they think. Same goes for you.

  11. Funny how they call themselves “anarchists”, but in the end support more government control (and laws) instead of less.

  12. I see; when someone asks you for evidence you just ignore their request and vote them down.

  13. Put the leftist party leaders in prison because of this. They put the XA leader in prison so I don’t see why not…

  14. I suspect you are referring to the 1917 revolution. In that sense you
    are essentially correct. However, I think being and advocate of Nazism
    is a big mistake. Also, the term “Nazi” is just a word from the western media.
    Unlike the term “fascist”, no political regime ever called itself “Nazi.”

  15. I agree with the BUGS message 100%.
    But “anti-whitism” could use some work.
    Europhobia would be nice but the EU took that
    term to mean anti-EU. They think pro-European
    means pro-EU. European is actually a race of people.

    White Euro-nationalists are pro-European and anti-EU.

    We need to get this sorted out.

  16. What would be even more wrong is if the U.S. Department of
    State is linked to the murders. It is very probable that NGO resources
    could have been used for these murders.

  17. Golden Dawn was democratically elected by the people
    for the purpose that Greece would live long and free.
    You might have got something mixed up. Its easy to do that
    when you watch the mainstream media too often.

  18. Golden Dawn was catching up with New Democracy and PASOK
    in the polls so they did all they could do – throw them in jail.
    This was very easy to do with the backing of the E.U. and the
    U.S. Department of State.

  19. “Anti-whitism” sounds funny at first to everyone. It certainly did for me. Once you get used to it, it sounds/feels very natural.

  20. WTF difference does it make if he is Greek or not? National Soicalism is a global movement with supporters everywhere, regardless of race or nationality