Greek Terrorists 10sec Attack Ends with Coup de Grâce (video)

dgShorty after 19:30, a motorcycle with two people- one of them wearing a cap and had distorted his facial features, while the other one was wearing a helmet- stopped in front of the Golden Dawn offices on the opposite side of the road, where 4 young men were standing and opened fire.

Killed in the brutal shooting were 26 year-old Georgios Fountoulis, and 23 year-old Manolis Kapelonis, while the 29 year-old Alexandros Gerontas was also shot in his effort to escape, and has been transferred to the hospital, now in critical condition. The fourth man managed to escape, hiding in the offices of Golden Dawn. It is apparent the latter two were not the main target.

Unfortunately, the first two young men did not even have the time to react, and were shot to death where they stood, while the perpetrators also administered the coup de grâce with shots straight to the head. After shooting them at least 12 times, they disappeared with their motorcycles via Attiki Odos. The police are now surveying CCTV footage from cameras at the party’s office, and also from the highway.

According to the latest announcement from Hellenic Police the shooting, in the Neo Iraklio suburb of Athens, was committed with 9mm Zastava handguns, which have not been related to previous cases. All cartridges belong to the same gun.

Meanwhile, the Greek Special Counter-Terrorist Unit, has been very closely examining a video from a closed circuit camera, showing the assassination. The whole incident has been recorded on video, and officers of the Hellenic Police are talking about “a cold, cynical and very well-informed professional assassin.”

In the same field where a search was conducted, the plate of a motorcycle was identified with the last two figures “66.”

As per orders from the Chief of the Greek Police, a preliminary investigation of the case has been assigned to the Counter-Terrorism Service.