Mother Abuses Daughter With her Lover

viasmossFrom the age of 14, a young girl was raped systematically by the 51-year-old lover of her mother.

The teenage girl has been suffering 4 years of torture from her mother’s lover; her mother not only tolerated the situation but also encouraged her to fulfill all his needs.

The unlucky girl ran away from home in Rhodes, Greece when she turned 18, and was hosted by a classmate of hers who knew what she has been suffering. It was then revealed to the Directorate of Secondary Education and narrated in detail what a horrible life she has been living.

As the girl testified to the prosecutor, her mother made her participate in sexual orgies in their own home and a seaside cottage, while the 51-year-old truck driver who is also the father of three children from his first marriage, threatened to kill her if she told anyone what was happening.

By order of the interrogator of Rhodes the couple was arrested by Security officers. The girl’s mother has two other sons who live outside Rhodes with their father.

The Prosecutor of Rhodes charged them with felony for repeated rape, indecent assault , seduction and abuse of a minor.

The girl, who has been severely traumatized, is now staying at the Guest House of Battered Women on the island of Rhodes.


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