4th Pan-Hellenic Public Breastfeeding

HǍmć̏Ӊϓ ȇˁӌϓ ӔϠƁАʼnϮ(EUROKINISSI)Mothers breastfeed their babies at the 4th Pan-Hellenic Public Breastfeeding that took place simultaneously in 39 Greek cities.

At Zappio 242 women breastfed their babies and children in public. The event took place for the celebration of World Breastfeeding Week. The aim is to awake the Greek society about the benefits of the breastfeeding, and to support the new mommies breastfeeding their babies.

“Our goal is for Greece to become a supportive and friendly country to public breastfeeding, which will embrace and support the new mother while she learns the art of breastfeeding,” stated the Panhellenic Network of Voluntary Groups of Support of Breastfeeding and Motherhood that organized the event.