Karolos Papoulias Visits Albania

karolos-papouliasThe President of the Republic of Greece Karolos Papoulias is in Tirana. There, he will meet with his Albanian counterpart Bujar Nishani and they will hold a press conference.

The supporters of the nationalist Party for Justice, Integration and Unity (PDIU) will hold a rally in order to persuade the “honorable Greek President” to help solve the Cham issue. The police moved the supporters away from the presidential halls.

According to sources, the President of the Republic of Greece will also meet with the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and the President of Albanian Parliament Ilir Meta. Furthermore, Mr. Papoulias will participate in the Greek-Albanian forum on financial and energy matters.

According to his agenda, he will meet also the Mayor of Tirana Lulzim Basha and he will go in Kelcyre. There he will pay his respects to the Greek Soldiers who died in the Greek-Italian conflict during the WW II in 1940. He will also visit the Greek minorities of Albania in Gjirokastra and the other areas.


  1. Papoulias should be visiting America and ingratiating himself with Greek Americans so they can lobby the American government for aid to Greece. What’s Albania going to do for Greece?

  2. After what the Albanian collaborators did during WW2 in Northern Epirus, over 200 Greek populated towns and villages were burned and destroyed, over 2,000 Northern Epirotes were killed, 5,000 imprisoned and 2,000 taken hostages to concentration camps. Moreover, 15,000 homes, schools and churches were destroyed, 30,000 people had to find refuge in Greece during and after WW2, leaving their homeland… So I hope the Albanian Prime minister apologizes to Papoulias and to the Greeks.. FREE NORTHERN EPIRUS..

  3. Lol what a propaganda , anyway did your Prime minister apologizes for the victims in Cameria , No??
    At least we don’t provoke Greeks here like you do with Albanians .

  4. typcail greek its you greeks who did the biggest genocide on chams now listen here greek go clean some toilets grow your econmy

  5. “honorable Greek President” Papoulias ? You got to be kidding me. Papaoulias is honorable? One of the founding fathers and close friend of Andreas P who started PASOK in 1981 along with the other hoodlums- Tsohatzopoulos etc…….. If you are going to mention someone honor please do so with someone who has credibility and qualities of being honorable. Papoulias is a dirtbag!

  6. I think Greece is using the President as an overture in preventing further deteriorating relations.