Counting Down to Athens Classic Marathon

Athens Classic MarathonThe count-down for the 31st Athens Classic Marathon on November 10th has begun. It is an international sports event which illustrates the power of human will and soul.

According to the Municipality of Athens there have been a massive number of entries for all the events and not just for the classical race of 42,195 meters.

Apart from the Greek Classic Marathon there will also be races of 5 and 10 kilometers, races for children, power walking and Special Olympics races.

The beginning of the Marathon and Power Walking races will be at 9:00am in a specially designed area in Marathon.
 As for the other events, the 5 and 10 km race will begin at Amalias Avenue at 8.00 am and 9.05am respectively. The children’s race will begin at Vassilisis Sofias Avenue near the Parliament at 10:45am for children aged 11-12, and at 10:48am for children aged 9-10 years. The Special Olympic race will take place in Syntagma Square at 9.20am.

Because of the Athens Classic Marathon, traffic regulations will occur along the roads where the marathon will be held.


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