24 Year-Old Man Kept his Girlfriend Imprisoned

oikos anoxis2

A 22-year old Bulgarian woman has been living a complete nightmare for the last month. She was being held hostage by her 24 year-old Bulgarian partner who had her work as a prostitute on a daily basis, in a brothel in Thessaloniki.

The young girl managed to escape from her partner, denouncing the torture she experienced to the police. Her 24-year old boyfriend  was arrested.

According to the accusations, the offender escorted her to the brothel in order for her to have sexual intercourse with clients, and then picked her up himself so that she could not escape. She also stated that the money she earned, was shared with the 24-year old and the owner of the brothel.

After the allegations, policemen spotted the man in Lagadas and arrested him. The 22 year-old woman was hospitalized as she suffered physical abuse from her boyfriend after she filed the complaint.


  1. Non of our business…Bulgarians are criminals…They should be sent back to their country for their system to deal with the matter…We have enough problems of our own…

  2. Just don’t look to the Golden Dawn to do that. For they seem to care less for the presence of European immigrants. The Golden Dawn wont deport Bulgarians. Just Albanians and non-white immigrants because they believe that whites are a superior race of supermen and that its okay for any white person, regardless of them being Greek or not, to be in Greece.

  3. How ignorant to generalize that a whole nation is “criminal”.The majority of the Bulgarians are good , honest, hardworking people. There are some criminal elements,like in every other country,including Greece. What about the Greeks?They stole half a trillion from the rest of the world so now the Greeks reputation is one of Crooks and Scam artists.In the eyes of the rest of the World the Greeks are the biggest criminals of them all

  4. Greeks are known to be very racist and they direct their hate towards the dark skinned (Asians, Indians and so forth)