NOTEMPLE Group Exhibition in Athens Curated by Artist HOPE

No temple exhibition

The Breeder gallery presents NOTEMPLE, a group exhibition curated by gallery artist HOPE. HOPE treats the exhibition as an opportunity to explore alternatives to ritual practices; as an anti-temple. Taking a scene from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s avant-garde thriller, Santa Sangre (1989) as a starting point, HOPE has brought together artists whose works share an anti-comformist current, but also indicate new spiritual alternatives.

Miltos Manetas’ video depicts his “invisible paintings”, in which he hypothetically paints a landscape with a brush devoid of paint, transforming reality into his canvas. KandisWilliams makes intricate collages that draw from her African American background. Her work is in direct dialogue with HOPE’s digital collages.In Marc Charpentier MCPM‘s sculptures, hybrid columns emerge, juxtaposing the crude raw material with the elegance of the structure. Made especially for this show “Slaves to Atopos #12: My Body Is My Temple” by Anthimos Ntagkas + Atopos cvc is a personal anthology in the form of a mega-zine, which acts as a visual vocabulary for NOTEMPLE. Similarly,Nikos Paleologos harnesses the power of the word to construct his work, which approximates a dismembered lineage of terms. Russian-American Kon Trubkovich presents a video, which revolves around the paradoxes of the human condition.

Spyros Staveris’ intimate photographs document certain love affairs in which the lovers appear as if suspended in mid-dance. Palle Torsson, whose practice consists of videos, interactive works, live video games and performance, has printed his art work on stickers for which visitors are invited to invent a use. Vassilis H’ sculptures, with their strict geometrical forms, offer alternatives with regard to balance, symmetry and volume.

A message written with red paint on Doric columns by Tobias Bernstrup is reminiscent of a scene in 1988 British American horror film Hellraiser II. Kristin Eketoft,who has co-founded the Embassy of Piracy with Tobias Bernstrup and Palle Torsson, has created the soundtrack of the show.

Participating artists: Tobias Bernstrup, Marc Charpentier MCPM, Kristin Eketoft, Vassilis H, HOPE, Miltos Manetas, Anthimos Ntagkas + Atopos cvc, Nikos Paleologos, Spyros Staveris, Palle Torsson, Kon Trubkovich, Kandis Williams

Preview: Thursday November 7th, 2013, 8-10pm
Exhibition Dates: 7 November – 21 December 2013
Opening times: Tues-Sat 12-6 pm
45 Iasonos st, GR 10436, Athens