Another 1,000 Civil Servants Under Threat of Suspension

15496010_EV_PARADOSH_PARALABH_YP_DIOIKHTIKHS_METARRUTHMISHS_MANITAKHS_MHTSOTAKHS_23.limghandlerAny final decisions concerning potential suspensions and the mobility scheme program in the Greek public sector will be made on Monday.

The Greek Administrative Reform Minister, in an interview on Mega Channe’sl morning show, stated that interventions must be made in Public-Law Bodies for another 1,000 suspensions. At the same time, he spoke of staff reduction in Hellenic Defense System.

The Reform Minister also said: Moreover, 4,000 suspensions are required by the end of 2013, and another 11,000 by the end of 2014. As far as the first 4,000 suspensions are concerned, we already have the first 2,500 from ERT’s closing, those who work temporarily in the public sector, and the “unfaithful” ones etc. If we add this number to the approximately 600 people from the potential restructuring of the Hellenic Defensive System by the Greek Finance Ministry, plus the 1,000 more suspensions, this would make a total of 4,000 suspensions.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis mentioned that 1,000 suspensions by the end of 2013 will emerge mostly from Private-Law Bodies of the Public Sector and from Public-Law Bodies of Greek Ministries, through an evaluation process. He ruled out a repetition of ERT’s incident.

Mr. Mitsotakis also stated that the Greek civil servants of municipal police who are under the availability scheme program will embody the Greek Finance Ministry, Hellenic Police and penal institutions.


  1. Yea right. The government fires and the Supreme Court reinstates them to their old jobs. What a farce. No one can get fired it’s in their constitution.

  2. Kiriakos Mitsotakis, very pensive as he ponders how will he fire X amount of civil servants. He and his sister should have been arrested, prosecuted and put into jail. Joke of a system!

  3. I don’t understand why Troika lets the Greek government to play them like this.My only explanation is that the EU is desperate to keep Greece in the euro ,so they are turning a blind eye to all the lies and empty talks/promises coming from Greece.

  4. I am not worrying,I am hoping mad that for 4 years Merkel and Lagarde keep pissing our money into the Greece cess pit .Did I mention I am hopping mad?

  5. I wish your words would become prophetic however that is impossible. It can’t happen. The EU under law cannot kick out any of it’s members. The only way Greece can be out of the euro zone is if they themselves declare default and exit on their own. The chances of that happening are slim to zero. You know why? Would an alcoholic give up his bottle? Would a drug addict give up his drug habit? You believe the Greek government wants to give up getting free money? You think the kleptocrats want to give up the money they are getting and continuing to steal from the EU IMF?

  6. Ted, what I am hoping is that the people RISE and revolt. There needs to be a CIVIL REVOLUTION where the USA gives the support of the citizens of Greece to uprise. As long as the Greek military does not interfere, the Greek Parliament of CROOKS needs to come to an end.
    They need to capture and execute by public hanging a lot of these kleptocrats PASOK that looted the countries wealth. Believe me, Lot of these past and present politicians everyone of them useless is on guard. They are heavily protected round the clock because they know all it takes is just one of them to get assassinated and it’s game over………..Soon………..soon……

  7. Yeah, right. As long as this ignorant socialist Obama is in office /3 more years/ ,he and his French socialist witch Lagarde will keep propping up the corrupt Greek cleptocracy with IMF’s and US’s hard earned tax dollars.This can only change if a Republican US President comes into office in 2017.So pray for this to happen. Bottom line- Obama’s Left Wing Keynesian administration is at fault for the continuing Greek bailout SCAM.

  8. GET RID of this absurd rich-kid idiot CLOWN, Kyiriakos Mitsotakis 7 his sister Dora!!
    They are both a perfect example of ALL that is wrong in Greek politics today!

  9. Legarde is under crimnal investigation hersef for Financial Fraud in France, so why is she Head of the IMF- Go figure!
    Do you see the incredible hypocracy here?

  10. Ah TediUSA you insult an entire nation and stereotype them as well. Yet it is America and its crooked global banks that stole billio s from poor Americans and set the world on fire later. Yes Greece has problems and these were known decades in advance. Same with other EU nations. But they avoided corrections long ago when they had the chance and Greeces financial situation was stable simply so Germany specifically can drive its exports up throughout a growing EU and give out loans along with banks at high interest rates and low durations of 5-10 yrs to countries like Greece. So who made money all these years? The banks and countries like Germany who along with the closed special group in Greeces political system who saw this inflow of money and stole a % of it and hired a bunch of family and friends into a public sector almost have the size of Greeces total working force. And now the troika is in now wanting to secure old and new loans so theh get their money back. Nothing else. There is no real assistance to Greeces economy or correcting fiscal errors or implementing structural reforms that were suppose to be done decades ago. So no need to insult the victims of Greece who like anyehere in the world are you average middle class worker for a paid and declared salary. There are many to.blame both in Greece and abroad within the EU itself and the troika.

  11. “Threat of suspension”….you mean losing a redundant civil service job that should never have been there to begin with.

    To much reality for you Abed?

  12. I lived in Greece at the time they attempted to murder Dora but didn’t succeed (car incident in Syntagma Square not far from there). Those days are gone. You can’t get rid of them except by ballot.
    CIVIL REVOLUTION IS NEEDED/ UPRISE AND STORM THE PARLIAMENT. Anything else is fruitless. Believe me.

  13. What a truly ignorant comment!Of course the Troika wants its money back!That’s why they are called “Loans”,they are supposed to be REPAYED!Nobody promised Greece free gifts,if Greece wrongly assumed these money are gift that is Greece’s problem,not ours.As per family and relative designations in the public sector,Greece did that,Germany has no legitimate power to appoint anyone in a sovereign country like Greece.And what America has to do with the self inflicted Greek mess? America did not borrow money that it can’t pay back.America pays back every cent it owes.America does not spend Greek money-Greece spends American cash! Greece took and KEEP TAKING under fraudulent pretext US money that now refuses to pay back.This is called FRAUD and THEFT,simply and shortly!


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