Greek Priests Embezzle Nearly One Million Euros

priests embezzling
Two priests were arrested in Trikala and then convicted by Larissa’s Court of Assize to 18 years and 6 years imprisonment on charges of embezzling a total of 930,000 Euros that were destined for the payroll of clergymen in Farsala.

According to the indictment, the two priests from Farsala, who were responsible for collecting and paying salaries of clergymen in the Metropolis of Thessalia, submitted false documents to the Tax Office by exploiting the fact that the salaries of priests are outside the budget. Having paid their priests the amounts that they were entitled, they kept the extra money reaching a total of 710,000 Euros for one and 220,000 Euros for the other!

The first priest, who was responsible for the payroll in Farsala was sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment for fraud, forgery and use of forged documents. The second one who was responsible for collecting-cashing money from the Tax Office of Farsala and the NBG in Farsala was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for complicity in fraud.

The court also imposed a compensation of 710,000 Euros by the first priest to the Greek government, which appeared as a plaintiff and 220,000 Euros from the second. Those where the amounts they received and appropriated during the period of January 2012 through June the same year (June 25th) when they were eventually arrested. Furthermore a compensation of 2,000 Euros to the Greek government was imposed to each priest for the loss caused by their actions.

The case was unveiled in June 2012, when Tax Office officials informed the police department of Larissa of suspicious alterations on the documents for the payroll of the priests.

The two priests submitted the documents for the priests’ bonuses and instead of the correct amount of 8,864 Euros, the document was forged to read 28,864 Euros.

In consultation with the police, Tax Inspectors confirmed the amount and when the two priests went to the bank to collect the money to pay their priests and to keep 20,000 Euros, the police intervened and arrested them.

A personal seal along with one of the Metropolis was found in possession of the 38 year-old priest while an investigation of the 36 year-old priest’s house brought to light a number of original receipts.


  1. There are ofcourse plenty of useless athiest careerists masquerading as Christian priests, not to mention the likelihood that a certain number of priests are closet Freemasons.

  2. How about going after all the PASOK and ND politicians who also stole millions and millions of euros? How about going after all the CORRUPT politicians who embezzled over 1 billions euros?

  3. Every day a news is coming out of Greece about Greek citizens embezzling millions…..mindboggling. Apparently embezzling money is the particularity of the Greek national character and a national sport.Therefore all pending bailout money should be halted immediately.

  4. I agree with you. Yes they should go after our corrupt politicians with millions stolen from us…

  5. Why you sick-Nazi refuse to see the truth in its eyes and say that the whole greek Church is corrupt and build on blood and misery of others…Shame on you that try to blame the’outsiders’ and not the filthy greed of most of priests that are covered by scandals and gay-sex-relation….

  6. Most priests are covered by scandals and gay sex relations? Nice conspiracy theory. A few bad apples doesn’t allow you to tar the entire priesthood. As for your accusation that the Church is built on blood and misery please do elaborate? Whose blood? The Church is built and blessed by the eternally Holy blood of the Lord Jesus Christ who was crucified at the behest of the Jews who shouted:

    “His Blood be upon us and upon our children”

  7. But of course… look at the fat size of most of these Priests today in Greece. Greed?

  8. Why is no one in Parliament or on the Strrets asking where the 250 millions Euros PASOK & ND took in fake loans went to? This is not small money in a country needing money like Greece now, so why is no one asking whose greedy pockets the millions went into??? Amazing no one seems to care!!

  9. It was told! FOR EXAMPLE: Margaret Papandreou (George’s Papandreou mom) has some $400 MILLION in Swiss Account!!! The “Lagarde List” of these beggar thieves was PUBLISHED! Nothing happened…

  10. Correct nothing happen nor will anything happen. You know why? They are too many involved everyone involved and if one just one opens their mouth indicts another the chain is broken. I lived in Greece and I can tell you no journalist is going to make this big news, ask questions or even announce publicly all the names (besides the names were published already and hidden) of all political parties involved PASOK ND and thousands of businessmen. No journalist or reporter will mention political names with the money they got as phony loans and what they actually did with it even if they knew. Exception is one reporter who is HEAVILY PROTECTED and in seclusion with his own body guards (treli zougla commentary). Anyone going against the Greek government -journalist-reporters- will be killed. I would like to mention more things but I CAN’T. Read between the lines.

  11. No need waste your time with mshitler and the rest of the hitler youth. They live in a different world, casting blame on everyone but themselves. Most of these guys are trolls living in mommas basement.

  12. Actually i’m a university educated professional working in a lucrative white collar job probably earning 5 times what you make. Nevertheless, despite making alot of money I don’t worship money in the way that the Judeo-Khazar seed of Satan does. Supporting XA and eventually a Pan-European XA to ensure the survival of the White “Aryan” European peoples and to restore Christian justice and morality to Europe and to European founded nations is what matters. We are everywhere, our goals are long term and their success is a foregone conclusion. Our Judeo-Khazar opponents and their Marxist lackeys are wicked rotten weak worms.

  13. You have been brain washed by nazi propaganda. I could care less if you make or less than me, but usually people who are attracted to the nazi party are uneducated and unemployed. I stand by my comments that you have no formal education but leave in a basement trolling people.



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