INKA Fears Increase in Homeless Numbers

Athens_homelessMore than 40,000 people are now homeless in Greece. It is estimated that nearly 20,000 of them are based in the broader Athens area. Only a handful of the homeless can be accommodated in shelters and as a result they sleep on the streets or in old abandoned buildings.

The reason behind the increase in homeless people is of course the economic crisis and it is possible that their numbers will increase even more if the government decides to lift the ban on home foreclosures as the country’s lender demand. If the ban is not renewed after the 31st of December when it is set to expire, many homeowners may be facing homelessness because of their inability to pay their mortgage.

In case the ban is lift, the consumer protection group–INKA–is insisting that primary residencies be protected from foreclosure and that the Ministry of Development gives an estimate of how many people may be losing their homes.


  1. Staggering. Beyond measurable words. Sad. But of course according to PM Samaras, “Greece is back,” let’s hear it for the cheer leading propaganda.

    Venizelos should be arrested, prosecuted and put into jail.
    Former PM Papandreou should be extradited from the USA to Greece and arrested, prosecuted and put into jail for high treason.
    Every member of PASOK and ND past and present their immunity should be lifted and investigated as to their assets.
    The IMF EU should overthrow the useless Greek coalition government and be replaced by NON GREEKS in order to move the country forward implementing new laws and regulations on every level of the state.
    If status quo remains, end game coming………….there will be an uprise and a civil revolution.

  2. The majority of the 40,000 “people” are illegal migrants, not Greeks. Of course the writer does not want to tell us that.

    I have a simple solution for those illegal migrants. Put them on a plane and send them back to their country of origin or the nearest RICH neighbor. There are plenty homes and jobs thrte.


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