“Mommy, I Promise We Will Never Ask for Food Again!”

paidikixara_A heartbreaking and unfortunately real story of a little girl, who resides at a nursery in Kallithea, in Athens was in tears shouting “Mommy, take us home and we will never ask for food again!” She begs her mother to take her and her two siblings back home. The mother runs away crying as she cannot afford to take her children with her. “But sweetheart, we have nothing to eat at home,” she replies.

Due to the economic crisis, she is not able to offer her children basic necessities of life such as food and shelter, forcing her to take her children to the nursery. Undaunted, the child continues with a seriousness way beyond her years, “Mommy, take us home and we will never be hungry again, I promise you!”

Generally, there are many similar stories in Greece as UNICEF reports the number of 600,000 of the country’s young who are living under the poverty line.

The phenomenon of malnutrition has become a reality in Greece ever since the beginning of the debt crisis in 2010, forcing a growing number of organizations and individuals into a daily fight to feed the hungry.

At the same time, some areas of Athens, such as Keratsini, Tambouria, Agia Varvara, Peristeri, Ano Liosia as well as in Western Thessaloniki and in Crete, there are ever-increasing incidents of starved students fainting in class. This has led to a rush by the myriad of Parents’ Associations in the country in aim to help the families in dire economic straits.


  1. Another “we,the poor Greeks” media propaganda article .Funny enough,we never hear of the good life millions of Greeks are still living with all the money the steal from us in the form of continuing international bailout .For example there was a report yesterday that this year the average Greek family will spend 448 euros for X-mas,49 euros MORE that the average German family that is going to spend 399.But that’s not convenient to mention,is it?Because Greece wants the world to believe that the Greeks are poor and hungry in order to keep the money flowing, when is just about the opposite!The Greek Dolce Vita is as good as ever with our tax dollars!Only the tourism revenues for this year are 18 billion!INothing ,but blatant LIES from Greece.

  2. Starvation is the result of the criminal leftist socialist policies of the current two-party coalition regime. Greeks must rise up and make sure that leftist socialist and communists, and other con artist criminals have no say in government.

  3. Shouldn’t you be on some U.S. socialist “liberal” democrat forum praising the Communist-in-Chief Saddam Hussein Osama instead of spouting a bunch of nonsense on a Greek forum?

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  5. Someone who is an anti-White racist and posts BS on a Greek internet forum really shouldn’t be making false implications against others.

  6. This is the work of Pasok & New Democracy party combined…They bankrupt the country, they sent people to their own death, they made people homeless, people lost their jobs because of their mismanagement to the country’s economy, thousands of professionals abandoned the country and created political instability which lead investors to invest in other countries…These two political party need to go home and replaced by honest elected lawmakers from normal working society to take the country forward…

  7. I couldn’t be possibly an “anti-white racist” as I am a Caucasian /white/ American myself. I will post where I please, it is none of your business. Have a Nice Day.

  8. You anti-Greek actions prove yourself to be an anti-White racist regardless of what race you really are.

  9. Dear Ted you mentioning the over spend of the average Greek family versus the German one for Christmas with out thinking that the average Greek family is larger than the nuclear German one. In Greece family is still an extended and alive organism that contains more than 3 persons but then that’s not convenient to mentioned…
    You all so very conveniently forgetting to mentioned that every cent of money that the IMF and the EU has given come with an extremely high interest rate that in the everyday life we call shark lender’s apart from the various nefarious request about the Greek economy and its future

    As for the tourism income you mentioned I can’t see what’s your problem it’s money that was earned with a lot of sweat and effort as anybody that worked in the hospitality industry even for a day will testify.
    So the only reasonable conclusion is
    that you are bitter and for some reason anti Greek

  10. Heartbreaking! Sadly childhood hunger is a problem all over the world not just in Greece.

  11. This is absolutely gutrenching and very sad to read..
    Greek reporter a fundraising challenge needs to be set up to assist people in these circumstances..Greeks from around the world should be alarmed at this and assist in any way possible,..no matter how small…Offer spring breaks to Greece for 2 to 3 weeks to assist people in need in Greece and cases like this..

    Our country needs to get into survival mode…to leave something for the next generation..This is turning out to be worse than after ww11…More people have committed suicide in Greece in the last 6 years than during WW2.
    It is not a record to be proud of..We have the highest unemployment rates in europe, we are the most corrupt country in europe, we have the worst driving record in europe..Now we will have the worst record in starving people in the streets..Its sad and absolutely wrong we need to make a united stand..
    Europe and the USA is not to blame or the troika we are..And we need to do something to change our future and for our future generations..And most importantly of all assist Greek families who are in this predicament..

  12. Hope you say the same when its the someone you know like your sister or mother or the like. .

  13. Another article that misdirects and misuses numbers. So throwing together a mommy story, then tossing in 600,000 number, then cooking it up the malnutrition angle is pure propaganda worthy of the Ministry of Truth award.

    UNICEF considers “young” to be anyone under 25 and what they call “relative child poverty”. So that 600,000 number hss to be taken with a block of salt. Unlike the so called reporter of this article, I spent a few minutes looking up the numbers.

    So sure there are children who are malnurished, but it certainly is not in the hundreds of thousands. Plus parents can get help to feed their fhildren.

    This site is starting to be fourth rate high school reporting dump. Then again, even high school reporters do their fact checking.

  14. You mean the Greek children abducted from Greece by the communist “Bulagarians-that-wanna-be-macedonians” and their lackeys maybe? We remember them..

  15. As a white American do you know were Greece is?
    Its always hilarious when an Yank comments about finance
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