Thessaloniki: Protest Against Skouries Gold Mine

    ?A peaceful protest march against gold mining in Skouries, which is on the Chalkidiki peninsula, took place in the center of Thessaloniki, Greece on Saturday. The protest march was attended by thousands of people.

    March protests were also organized all over Europe, expressing in this gesture their solidarity to the residents of Skouries.

    All people participating in the march, protested against the conservative-led coalition government and the Canadian gold-mining firm that is in charge of the environmentally contentious project. The protest march ended up at the headquarters of Thessaloniki defunct state broadcaster ET3, in conjunction with dismissed staff who have been occupying the premises for the past few months since the government imposed ERT’s shutdown.


    1. “Conservative-led coalition government?” Should read criminal-led coalition government.

      Out of all the things 1000 protesters could march against they march against a non-problem such as this. Why not march in front of the parliament?

    2. With 30% unemployment these fools have a protest. Then they wander why the world laughs at them.

    3. And when the EU cuts you off what are you going to do??? But then again you sound like a communist living and working in America. Yea nothing better than to urge a revolution from the comfort of your far away home.