World’s Best Bartender Coming to Athens!

It’s not the first time that the Artesian Bar in London was named “The Best Bar in the World,” and it’s not the first time that Simone Caporale, the Artesian’s bartender was named as one of the best bartenders in the world.

Athens’ very own “The Gin Joint” is one of the most atmospheric bars in the city. It stands out for the quality in each of its products and it has excelled thanks to the bartender Vasilis Kiritsis (World Class Greek Bartender of the Year 2012), and is now very proud to announce the transfer of Nikos Bakoulis (World Class Greek Finalist 2011) from Thessaloniki.

So what is going to happen when Simone Caporale comes to Athens just for one night to serve drinks at The Gin Joint?

A spectacular evening that is definitely worth attending.

On the 26th of November, the last day of this year’s Athens Bar Show, Caporale will be serving four different kinds of drinks, two of which he made especially for the Gin Joint. As for the other two cocktails, word is, is that they involve balloons floating over drinks and cocktails aged in a leather sac.

For one night only, Athens will turn into London and the Gin Joint will turn into the Artesian Bar, offering customers an exclusive and unique experience!



  1. I’ve been to New York City which have the best cocktails creators in my opinion, but I’ve been to Greek bars in Athens which have the best looking women. So, it’s a toss up… But, in a pinch, I can always have a beer in Greece and still a better option for eye candy. But, good luck Greece!!! From a friendly American fan of yours…

  2. A fake Greek would still be more real than a Slavic “macedonian”. hahah what a joke you people are..


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