Shocking Decision from Greek Supreme Court

courtThe Greek Supreme Court, with a recent decision, puts the sacred law of Shariah above the laws of the Greek State, thus Greek Muslims cannot draw up a will, as this is something that is not included in the Shariah law. This complicates the situation since in 1946, Greek Muslims draw their wills according to the Greek civil law.

This case was brought to light by Komotini’s newspaper “Chronos.” The newspaper reveals that the Greek Supreme Court annulled a will that was drawn up by a Muslim man before he had passed away, as this is not determined by the Islamic Inheritance jurisprudence. The deceased Muslim lived in Thrace and in his will made clear that he left all his belongings to his wife, as the couple did not have any children.

The proceedings against the will begun by the sister of the deceased Muslim, as she claims that Shariah does not determine inheritance jurisprudence, and as a result the will is invalid and she wants to take her fair share of her brother’s fortune.

Shariah is the moral code and religious law of Islam. Shariah deals with many topics addressed by secular law, including crime, politics, and economics, as well as personal matters such as sexual intercourse, hygiene, diet, prayer, and fasting. Though interpretations of Shariah vary between cultures, in its strictest definition it is considered the infallible law of God—as opposed to the human interpretation of the law. In secular jurisprudence, Sharia is classified as religious law, which is one of the three major categories that individual legal systems generally fall under, alongside civil law and common law.


  1. If the Shariah law ever applied to Greece, half of the country would be executed. Nonetheless, maybe that’s what is needed to stop CORRUPTION. Can you imagine the Shariah law applied to politics in Greece? Every politican would be executed by hanging from the past. And that would be a wonderful thing!

  2. It would, but then the Muslims would try to convert us all by the sword again and devolve us a couple of millenia. Greeks were executing Emperors before Islam left the sands of Arabia. We don’t need shariah anywhere close to Greece. Imagine me being able to go to a Pakitstani court and being judged according to the Bible? Impossible! Yet they come to our beautiful land and try to turn it into a country of cavemen. No way. Islam and Shariah can stay in the mid east and they can forget about converting the world to that religion of hate. Molon lave.

  3. I understand your point from head to toe. Well said.
    Without a fear factor, corruption will continue. Question arises, how do you stop the political corruption that has plagued Greece for decades ? (since the fall of the junta).

  4. And you raise the question that plagues us all, thank you for that. What can we do? The people of Greece need to exact their pound of flesh from the thieving class. That is how a group of neo nazis and their radical left idiot brethren get votes; from Greeks poking the eyes of the elites. But that is a cop out. They need to demand justice, confiscation of assets and life in prison for treason. If they ever gave us in the diaspora a vote, we could counter balance the fanatics and the thieves.

    Too many people are still getting fed by the traitors and they go along with the crimes being committed against our nation. Unfortunately dictators thrive in these environments and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a political coup. Let us pray it isn’t Tsipras.

  5. From your mouth to Gods ears I wish there would be a political coup and I agree with you. Hopefully it isn’t Tsipras. Lazaros, there are no real men in Greece (figuratively speaking) that have the will or drive or power to overthrow the government at the moment. A political coup is what Greece needs at this devastating moment in history. Can this actually happen? There has to be countries behind this supporting this. Will the USA Obama skata that he is and the EU go for this? Realistically, I cannot imagine this. It’s the EU-IMF and many more protecting these elites in Greek government. I would love to see an UPRISE and a civil revolution. Where is another G. Papadopoulos when you need someone of his stature to organize something?
    Perhaps, maybe something is in the works that no one knows about? Who knows? The only caution I cannot underestimate is during coups there is instability of the country and that can make Turkey invade Greece. A lot of variables here to look at. Bottom line: Samaras and the coalition CROOK government needs to be overthrown.
    God keep you and your family safe!

  6. I have read some stupid comments on this site but
    Someone praying for civil revolution ……..and you call Muslims murderers its Christians like you that make me want to convert to Buddhism and then you end it with ….God keep you and your family safe ….have you ever read the bible!!!!!
    What ever drugs they put you on never stop taking them again

  7. Undercover Turks, Albanians and other Afro-Asiatics will soon drop their fake “Greex” masks and take the “Grease” to the oblivion where it came from – back to Alibaba Caliphate…

  8. so does that mean that the religious identity of each individual shall be reinstated on passports so as to confirm who is eligible and applicable to sharia law or state law?

    you so called Hellenes of the Republic are embarrassing. You are further eroding the diaspora’s cultural rights inherited to ALL descendants of the hellenic orthodox faithful that sustained our religion/culture/traditions in your land over the centuries.

    Within a single generation you have successfully chosen coca cola over holy communion, Satre over the Gospels and political correctness over righteousness.

    Your selling the silver for aluminium foil again. Just stupid.

  9. Sure, so killing people who reject Islam isn’t murder, and mohammad doing an 8 year old isn’t pedophilia, of course !

  10. The last time I looked around Greece was predominately a Christian Eastern Orthodox nation. The influence of the EUs move towards accepting Sharia Law should be obvious and another reason to distance ourselves from Brussels. We do not need Muslim extremist riots like those experienced in the UK, Sweden, and France.

  11. How about we start first with Polygamy and see what the women of Greece think about that.

  12. Try Ka’aba Republic. The difference being Hajj rotates counter-clockwise while the pork Gyro clockwise.

  13. You mean civil war:

    700.000 Muslims reside in Athens (only) as a result of longstanding migration from Albania and a recent influx of illegal immigrants and refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan, north Africa, and south Asia.

    Within the Athens metropolitan region there are between 100 and 120 unregistered mosques operating and maintained mostly by Pakistani and Arab communities.

  14. You mean a civil war:

    700.000 Muslims reside in Athens as a result of longstanding migration from Albania and a recent influx of illegal immigrants and refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan, north Africa, and south Asia.

    Within the Athens metropolitan region there are between 100 and 120 unregistered mosques operating and maintained mostly by Pakistani and Arab communities.

  15. How many Catholics, Protestants and Jews? It makes no difference unless they have entered the country illegally. Muslims for the most part are illegals that entered Greece during the period of prosperity and now have morphed into a criminal element or become taxpayer-government dependents. Most have no intention what-so-ever of becoming Greek or ever assimilating into Greek Society. Whether we want to admit it or not Greece is already in the midst of a political civil war, a war on religion would will push it over the brink to another bloody Bosnia.

  16. The Muslim community live in ghettos (ethnic neighborhoods) shop at their own stores and otherwise live separately from the rest of society. Why should our society yield extraordinary freedoms not enjoyed by the average citizen?

  17. I don’t pray for a civil revolution. I simply stated that an uprise and a civil revolution is what is needed at the moment in Greece. Period. Do you understand the circumstances in Greece at the moment? You are oblivious to the mental and physical suffering that has impacted every Greek citizen at the moment. You have been brain washed by the social media of the United States CNN Reuters telling you what you want to hear. You have no CLUE about the suffering these people are currently enduring. If you lived there, you would have seen it thru the real story and not thru the comfort of your luxury and comforting home elsewhere.
    Your comments above hold no validity. They are suffering thru the greatest con artists in history. The EU- Germany and the coalition Greek government are all CORRUPT. These people are sitting like ducks-chickens getting slaughtered. It’s time they revolted and time you woke up to smell the coffee.

  18. This has really done wonders for Egypt and Libya and Moroco. Just an endless circle of corruption.

  19. Shariah condones men raping women, fathers killing their daughters for being raped, stoning, and other relics from the seventh century arabia. Not to forget how Islam has tried to change the life of Jesus into an islamic abomination.

    Then there is the islamic fear of the human body and the inability of its men to control their rape urges. No, shariah promotes love and understanding, is that what you want us to believe?

  20. Then we have the Bulgarian supporting turks and the islamic enemies of Orthodoxy. You always show your true colours albano-spore.

  21. Yeah right all religions must be banned in Yunanistan. They are already banned. Look in Chameria where Mosques are turned into mass graves during GENOCIDE in 1944 from Zerva and Greek authorities. Killing BABIES, Women, Elderly for just belonging to another ethnic group and to Muslim religion. Exterminating them all constitutes Crime sof War and Genocides. The survivors that at the time were 2-5 years old are not allowed to go at their homes even for a visit. Greece will crawl towards HELL because it is by those innocent people…..natives of Chameria.

    Greece will go to Hell soon. Criminal conglomerate of scum and filth from Anatolia to Ethiopian mongrels….

  22. Greeks wiped Jews and Albanian Catholics from Preveza as well…….Their crimes know no limits and their divine punishment will get so…..

  23. Thanks for reading Greek reporter, skopji. You care more about us than we care about you. Gligorov.

  24. Hmmm many Jewish families exist today in Greece because they were protected by Christians during the German, Italian and Bulgarian occupation.

  25. I’m from the UK and you should learn from our country’s mistakes. Under 13 years of Tony Blair our borders were deliberately thrown open to make a political point, and we were told by our politicians that we must accept their vision of multicultural utopia. As a result our national heritage has been stolen and our country is bare sly recognisable in some areas. We have whole regions in some cities where the English fear to tread. Muslims and other minorities enjoy positive discrimination in our government and media. And yes, they have no interest in assimilating or adopting our way of life; it is we who are expected to accommodate theirs, however incompatible they may be with our society. Regardless of the economic problems I have always respected they way that Greece protects its cultural identity, and wish we could have done the same. Please learn from our experience and don’t make the same mistake that we have made.

  26. After centuries of empire building followed by a prolonged period contrition, blame rests with the liberalization of immigration policies and overly accommodating foreign radical elements. This Western phenomenon is often referred to as “White Guilt”.

  27. ‘Collaboration with the Nazis: Public Discourse after the Holocaust’ By Roni Stauber page 138.
    Strategies of evasion: Avoiding the Issue of collaboration and indifference during the Holocaust in Greece. by Andrew Apostolou
    All you sick LIERS from Grexit read that how all of Jews from Korfuzi/Korfu said Chief of Police Pericle Dedopoulos to Corfiot Patriots:
    One of the Chief of Police in Chameria/Epirus in Corfu Island where 2000 Jews disappeared…

    In the eleven grades covering the modern literature in Greek education system a poem by C. Karayotakis says:

    “…Liberty, Liberty, you will be bought
    By merchants and consortia and Jews”.

    SEE: Daniel Perdurant “Anti-Semitism in Contemporary Greek Society” page 3, Acta No. 7–Jerusalem: Sicsa, 1995,…. .

  28. It’s very easy for Greece to deport Albanians because Albanians living and working in Greece are illegal immigrants and do not hold Greek citizenship. For example, Greece deported 84,000 Albanians in 1991 and 379,000 Albanians in 1992 during a period of tension with neighbouring Albania. This can be repeated anytime Greece chooses. Rest assured when Golden Dawn is elected to govern Greece every single last Albanian shall be deported to Albania, and many will be sent to their home towns and villages in Skopia.

  29. Muslims make up 33.3% of Skopia’s population.

    Where can you see new mosques? The following is a list of illegally built mosques in Skopia:

    When you exit Skopje, towards Gostivar there are 88 new mosques… we will list them all.
    – In the village of Tearce, the old mosque was restored, now there are 3 more being built?!
    – From the Tetovo paytoll you can see each village has a new mosque, regardless if there are 5 houses in the village.
    – As you enter Tetovo, on the right there is a mosque being built.
    – As you enter Gostivar, a mosque with two minarets will block your view.
    – Driving from Bogovinje towards Gostivar, you will count 10 new mosqes.
    – New mosques in the village of Cegrane and Forino.
    – New mosque as you enter Kumanovo (Diva Naselba)
    – New mosque in Slupcane, Vaksince, Lipkovo
    – Kicevo has seven mosques, that’s not enough, 8th is being built.
    – New mosque being built on the highway between Kicevo and Ohrid.
    – New mosques in roma areas of Strumica, Vinica, Radovish, Valandovo and Demir Hisar.
    – New mosque in Shtip.
    – New mosques in every village in Struga
    – Mosque in Bitola and Veles
    – New mosque in Nerezi, right next to the Panteleimon monastery.
    – Two (hidden) new mosques in the Vodno forest, there are two houses in a 5km radius. Mosque per house?
    – Mosque in the suburb of Butel
    – Two mosques in the suburb of Chento
    – New mosque in Karposh
    – Two mosques in Aracinovo
    – New mosque near Alexander the Great airport.
    – Three mosques in Shuto Orizari
    – New mosque in the villages of Studenicani and Morane
    – New mosque in Chiflik
    – Mosque in Ljuboten and four mosques in Kondovo and Shishevo. //Gorazd Velkovski.


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